Israel will equip all Merkava 4 tanks and Namer Heavy APCs with Trophy Active Protection Systems

Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMOD) plans to continue the acquisition of Trophy active protection systems (APS), to equip every new Merkava 4 tank and Namer Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) with active protection, providing significant additional protection for every tank and APC.

Each Trophy system integrates an early warning and battle management radar covering 360 degrees,and the effectors, comprised of multiuple explosive-formed projectiles designed to defeat income threats at a stand-off distance.

These two Windguard AESA radars are part of the 360 degrees sensor of the Trophy system. They provide the situational picture, threat detection and fire control cueing for the Trophy APS system. Photo: IMODM

In recent months, the Tank Management Program at the Ministry of Defense, together with the IDF Ground Forces, conducted a series of successful tests on the Namer APC equipped with the Trophy System. Completion of the trials and the integration process allowed for the procurement and production of hundreds of additional Trophy systems. Apart from the Merkava and Namer tracked armored fighting vehicles the IMOD plans to integrate the Trophy (either in its current version or in a more compact configuration) on future wheeled APCs such as the Eitan, of which a prototype is currently in evaluation.

Trophy, the winner of Israel’s Security Prize, is considered the world’s leading, operational active protection system. Apart from the increased survivability, Trophy and its panoramic sensors add a significant benefit of increased situational awareness, providing indication and localization of the enemy’s active firing positions – information that can be transformed into rapid engagement by the combat force.

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