Russia near to launching hypersonic missile on top of RS-28 ICBM

Although Russia is in the midst of replacing Cold War era RS-18 (SS-19) ICBMs with the new solid fuel RS-24 it test fired a new RS-28 missile in late October. The RS-28 is meant for is the new hypersonic glide vehicle project Russia announced in 2013

Russia believes the RS-28 is essential for state security because it can carry nine or more independently targeted warheads and will be the most important weapon in its ICBM arsenal. Moreover the missile RS-28 is replacing (R-36M) is aging to the point where refurbishment is no long able to keep these four decade old missiles operational.

Experts in Russia are close to launching hypersonic nuclear weapons which can travel at continuous speeds of nearly 4,000mph and travel from Moscow to London in 23 minutes.

The country’s Tactical Missiles Corporation believes the weapon will be so fast it will be virtually impossible for current defense systems to knock it out of the skies.

SOURCES- Strategy Page, The Sun UK