Fight Aging sees effective antiaging treatments for medical tourism within 5 years and several others in the pipeline

Fight aging is a site that is highly focused on radical life extension medicine and science. They have a forecast that within five years the first meaningful life extension treatments will exist.

Senescent cell clearing overseas within five years for $5K-25K
Five years from now, it will be possible to fly to an overseas clinic and undergo a treatment that will clear out between a quarter and half of the senescent cells in your body. That will to some degree damp down fibrosis, restore tissue elasticity, reduce inflammation, reduce calcification of blood vessels, and in addition improve many other measures of health that are impacted by the normal progression of aging. In short you will walk away a little rejuvenated, literally: one of the root causes of aging will be turned back for some years, perhaps decades, however long it takes for the removed senescent cells to emerge once again. Given the present cost of senolytic drug candidates, varying from a few dozen to a few thousand dollars per dose depending on whether or not they are at present mass manufactured, I think that the likely initial cost of treatment five years from now will be somewhere in the $5,000 to $25,000 range.

That cost will then fall as availability spreads.

Senolytics are just the start.

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Ten to twenty years several other antiaging rejuvenation treatments

Five years to a decade after the first candidate therapy for breaking glucosepane cross-links in humans, that treatment will also be available to anyone with the necessary funds put aside. It will also turn back the clock, removing some portion of one of the root causes of aging. Tissue elasticity will be restored, hypertension controlled as arteries become more flexible, and scores of other consequences of cross-linking reduced in their impact. That first therapy could emerge in the laboratories this year or at any time thereafter; a number of groups are working on it.

There are a range of other rejuvenation treatments and compensatory therapies at similar points, on the verge in one way or another. Gene therapies to boost muscle generation, or dramatically reduce blood cholesterol. Approaches to clear harmful amyloids from old tissue. The next twenty years will bring numerous opportunities to benefit for anyone willing organize their own treatments via medical tourism, and who happens to know enough about the field to pick out the metal from the dross.

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  1. People in the U.S. can get in on Senolytic treatments right now in free clinical studies throughout the U.S.
    Just Google “Senolytic treatment studies” and you will find them. They are limited to the amount of patients, however
    new studies are popping up all the time. Many life extension treatment facilities are now offering treatment using
    the drug “Rapamycin”. The cost is about $ 2,500. The Senolytic and Rapamycin treatments are short term treatments as you cannot take these
    substances on a daily basis. This brings the price of treatment down less than $2,000 which the benefits will last for years. I wish Mr. Wang would do more research on finding all these emerging Senolytic and Rapamycin treatments
    in the U.S. and abroad and list them for his readers. Mr. Wang, your readers are looking for help now and not 5 years from now. Many websites talk about breakthroughs but the required years of testing and FDA restrictions make these
    breakthroughs beyond our reach. Every new treatment has risks and patients should be able to access these treaments now, agreeing to the risks. The alternative for many seniors now is growing older and dying.

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