Russians developing anti-missile lasers and drones with microwave weapons

The Russian defense industry says it will deploy powerful lasers on its next generation fighters that will be able to “burn” enemy homing systems on projectiles fired in their direction, to make them unable to hit a target. Air-to-ground or air-to-air missiles use a targeting system on the tip of the missile that uses radar or heat-seeking technology to find and lead the weapon to the target to destroy it.

Russians have laser protection systems on their helicopters and larger planes already.

Drone technology is also a high priority for the Russian defense industry. Manned aircraft flying alongside swarms of unmanned drones is a concept being developed on both sides of the Atlantic. Drones will carry microwave weapons, including guided electronic munitions while another drone will carry radio-electronic suppression and destruction means, and a third UAV will be armed with a set of standard weaponry.