Singularity Global Grand Challenge winners for 2017

Singularity Global Grand Challenge winners

At Singularity University, they believe that leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will advance us along the path to solving our Global Grand Challenges (GGCs), and will shift humanity from an era of scarcity to one of abundance.

Three participating organizations have been selected to participate in each of our 12 tracks. As GGC Award participants, these organizations receive dedicated exhibition space in the SU Global Summit EXPO, where they have the opportunity to present their work to 1,500 public and private sector leaders from numerous industries and countries. One participating organization from each track – the one found to have the most potential to positively impact one billion people through exponential technology – will be selected as the track winner, and will earn recognition and exposure to some of the world’s most influential companies and development organization

Disaster Resilience winner

Inflatable LED light can provide 24 hours of 75 lumen light with 10 hours of charging.

When we think of our most basic human needs, we often think of food, water, and shelter. But when architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in the tent cities and turned their attention to another critical need: Light.Now everyone’s getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers in Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way. Even the reality investment show ABC’s Shark Tank saw the LuminAID vision irresistible, and invited Anna and Andrea on the show for a chance to premiere their product on primetime.

Energy winner
Rafiki Energy

Shipping container sized solar power and mini-grid. About 20 KW it power

Rafiki Power offers off-grid energy services to kick-start development and growth in underdeveloped regions. We provide clean energy solutions that are affordable and sustainable for people and businesses living off the grid in rural areas of East Africa.
Rafiki Power was founded in 2013 as a start-up within E.ON’s internal start-up incubator :agile. We are currently active in Tanzania.

Environment winner

BreezoMeter ( is the world’s leading provider of real-time air quality analytics, with over 50 million daily users. We’re powered by big data, machine learning, and dispersion algorithms, providing hyperlocal information on air pollution. Our simple API integration can help companies access worldwide air quality coverage, live air pollution maps, AQI forecasts, pollen, actionable health recommendations, and much more. Learn more here:

Food Winner

Aspire’s EntoCube will revolutionize food production with specially-designed shipping container units, which produce local, sustainable insect food in urban and rural communities anywhere in the world. It’s a delicious way to solve the grandest challenge of our times.

Governance winner

Health Winner

Education winer
Iris AI

Iris.AI is an Artificial Intelligence that starts out as a Science Assistant; helping you find the science you need. Over time she will learn, slowly but surely becoming a Scientist herself.

Prosperity winner

Security Winner
Hala Systems

Hala Systems, Inc. is a social enterprise focused on developing effective, technology-driven solutions to the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges. Hala is currently focused on civilian protection, accountability, and the prevention of violent extremism before, during, and after conflict. Ultimately, Hala aims to transform the nature of civilian defense during warfare, as well as to reduce casualties and trauma during post-conflict recovery, natural disasters, and other major crises.

Shelter Winner
Billion Bricks

Space Winner

TellusLabs’ GM Fernando Rodriguez-Villa presenting at FinTech Sandbox Demo Day 4.0.

Water winner

3D printing of waste management systems that produce biogas.