China’s Emdrive in Chinese TV propaganda

A Chinese television propaganda piece that the english title claims to describe the EMdrive propellentless drive project. It appears they have or will very soon attempt to put the EMdrive into space in a satellite. The piece does not make the technical or other aspects explicit.

They are indicating that they are making progress at the same pace as developed countries for communication satellites.

However, the level of “developed country effort” is not clear because EMdrive is widely believed to be impossible physics.

NASA has had a small group perform some ground tests and they have detected small amounts of thrust.

The bulk of the video refers more to catching up in communication satellite technology and not needing to import technology.

The details of the EMdrive are not discussed and there do not appear to be any claims of proving the controversial physics.

They discuss 2000 kilogram payload and 120 transponder channels.

In December 2016, Yue Chen told a reporter at China’s Science and Technology Daily that his team was testing an EmDrive in orbit, and that they had been funding research in the area for five years. Chen noted that their prototype’s thrust was at the “micronewton to millinewton level”, which would have to be scaled up to at least 100–1000 millinewtons for a chance of conclusive experimental results. Despite this, he said his goal was to complete validation of the drive, and then to make such technology available in the field of satellite engineering “as quickly as possible”.

In November 2016 the International Business Times reported that the U.S. government was testing a version of the EmDrive on the Boeing X-37B and that the Chinese government has made plans to incorporate the EmDrive on its orbital space laboratory Tiangong-2.

Cannae drive (similar technology to EMdrive) has claimed that would put cubesats with their propulsion into space. Their website is not working at this time.