USA First and China Second in Internet Ranking Index

China ranked second after the United States in an internet development index released on Monday that gauges six dimensions from internet infrastructure to application among 38 countries.

China has the largest number of internet users and is the world’s top e-commerce and mobile payment market by transaction volume, according to the Global Internet Development Index, published during the 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.

The findings are part of the World Internet Development Report 2017, the first such industry index China has compiled as a world-leading digital force, said Yang Shuzhen, head of the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies.

The top 6 rankings are

1. US
2. China
3. South Korea
4. Japan
5. UK
6. Singapore

30% of China’s GDP is from the digital economy.

Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Sundar Pichai made their first appearances at China’s World Internet Conference.

Apple’s chief executive officer gave a surprise keynote at the opening ceremony on Sunday, calling for future internet and AI technologies to be infused with privacy, security and humanity. The same day, one of China’s most-senior officials called for more aggressive government involvement online to combat terrorism and criminals. Wang Huning, one of seven men on China’s top decision-making body, even called for a global response team to go well beyond its borders.