Cheap tubs of water with mosquitos eggs could stop Dengue fever for $1 per person

Australian city of Townsville had 7000 families had mosquito growing kits. The kits cost $13 per person. The kits are tubs with Aedes aegypti mosquito eggs and were placed in their yards. The tubs had stocked with fish food to nourish the mosquitos. This resulted in the released of 4 million mosquitoes that had the Wolbachia bacterium. The bacteria reduces their ability to transmit dengue, Zika, and chikungunya viruses, and which can spread quickly through the population as these mosquitoes mate with wild ones.

They hope to bring the cost of kits down to $1 per person.

The program covered 66 square kilometers.

The city of 176,000 has been dengue-free since 2014. Normally there are Dengue fever outbreaks every ten years.

The program is in 11 countries and will put Wolbachia mosquitoes in larger and poorer parts around the world with a target of reducing the cost to just US$1 per person.

The next step for the team is in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, a city of nearly 390,000.