China has some military systems that match US gear but it will be 2030s to build matching quantity

China has new Navy 055 destroyer than might be better than the US Arleigh Burke Destroyer but is not better than the Zumwalt. China is currently only planning to build eight 055 destroyers.

China will likely have new destroyers and cruisers that have integrated electrical power systems. The US Zumwalt has integrated electric power systems. Integrated electrical power makes nearly the full engine power available for power new combat lasers and railguns. Current ships only have about 5% of the power available for powering electrical gear.

China has a new J-16 fighter which is comparable to the latest Russian SU-30 and upgrade F-15’s on the US side.

China has about twenty-eight J-20 stealth fighters. The next batch of J-20 should have enhanced WS-15 engines. Those engines will enable the planes to finally match the engine capability of a twenty-year-old US F-22.

The US has 192 F-22 and hundreds of F-35s.

China will likely take until 2030 to 2040 to more broadly match the best US equipment and to match or exceed the numbers of the best US gear.


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