China is far behind in computer chips

China’s largest computer chip maker is Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). They makes chips to order but use a 28-nanometer process technology. This is several generations behind Taiwan Semiconductor and Intel. TSMC is preparing to make 5nm chips by 2020 and 3nm chips planned for 2022. Intel is working on 10nm technology.

Tsinghua Unigroup, the National Integrated Circuits Industry Fund and the Hubei provincial government, have invested US$24 billion to establish Yangtze Memory Technologies. In November, 2017 they unveiled a 32-layer 3D NAND flash memory chip. NAND chips can store data without being powered and are in laptops.

Yangtze Memory is developing a 64-layer NAND chip. Global leaders Samsung, Hynix and Micron of the US are currently developing 72-layer NAND chips.

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