Geocosmo set up earthquake warning facility in Turkey

In 2017, a facility in Turkey was established through a collaboration between Turkey’s Natural Movements Research Foundation (DOHAD) and the GeoCosmo Research Center Foundation, a California-based group associated with NASA.

“We will measure plenty of data and assess it. The assessment may take a while. Our purpose is to notify [beforehand] of the place, time, and intensity of a quake,” said Ronald Karel, a dual Turkish-French citizen and vice president of GeoCosmo.

Fuat Agalday, DOHAD’s chairman, stressed that depending on a number of factors, large, destructive earthquakes can be predicted a month in advance.

According to its website, GeoCosmo is an alliance of scientists, corporations, aid organizations, governments, and concerned citizens who support the development of a global earthquake forecast system.

The devastating 1999 Marmara earthquake — with an epicenter near Izmit, only about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Istanbul — took 17,000 lives and left thousands homeless.

Using advanced sensors and algorithms GeoCosmo and its partners have successfully forecast twenty earthquakes in both North and South America.

Up to seven days in advance.

The existing “Early Warning System” is nothing more than an “announcing system” for earthquakes that are already underway.

Open Source Software and Sensor Design Project
Move our baseline software and sensor designs to the highest heights with perpetual improvements.

Cellphone Sensor Project
Most contemporary cellphones contain a three axis magnetometer. With the GeoCosmo cellular app installed they become a very powerful tool for earthquake forecasting. The app is architected to send one or two lightweight bursts of data per day for low data cost.

Their goal is to have one billion cellphone magnetometers in the most seismic regions of the world.