Air pollution deaths at WW2 scales are happening now

In NY Mag, a climate journalist David Wallace-Wells wrote about a study of the difference between 1.5 degrees of warming and two degrees.

He cited a Nature climate change paper – Quantified, localized health benefits of accelerated carbon dioxide emissions reductions

150 million more people would die from air pollution alone in a two-degree-warmer world than in a 1.5-degree-warmer one from now to 2100.

However, this does not highlight the fact that about 6 million people die every year now from air pollution. Fixing the particulate problem that is causing those deaths without focusing on the CO2 aspect would be 20 times cheaper and decades faster than the big CO2 fix.

China is spending hundreds of billions to address its air pollution issues because the citizens of China are demanding the fixes.

If the concern was really about the human lives being prematurely ended by particulates then that would be the mobilizing call which

It seems the climate scientists really care about the human lives lost to air pollution if it also involves reducing CO2.

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