Facebook App is the Data Vampire You Invited Onto Your Smartphone

We have reported some on the many problems and bad behavior that have been revealed about Facebook.

Facebook Propoganda and Bullying

Facebook pushes negative stories about its competitors.

This is quite clearly using the technique of Propaganda. There is a favored tactic of very bad historical governments. The Soviets or Joseph Goebbels were primary users of this tool. On a more personal scale, you can think of mean girls in high school making up and spreading bad stories about the less popular kids. They use the stories to bully others. They are more popular and prevent others from becoming more popular.

Facebook is one of the primary means for individuals and mobs to form online to bully and harass other. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once. Facebook does make attempts to prevent or mitigate this problem. Then they turn around and use their power to bully competitors. They also use their data and spying to identify competitors who may become a threat and then make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Facebook App is the Data Vampire that You Invited Onto Your Smartphone

A report from the UK government was made from internal Facebook documents and it shows how the Facebook spies on everything you do and any data you have on your phone.

This is a hybrid of spyware and malware. You put the Facebook App on your phone for another purpose and instead it spies on you to gain information that Facebook will then sell.

Vampires are fictional monsters that suck on your blood. The blood is your data and privacy. The Vampire can only enter your home if you invite them in. The Facebook App is one you voluntarily downloaded.

Did you want all of your app and phone activity spied upon? If it Facebook’s fault if they put something 20 pages down in some disclosure to you that this would happen and you did not read it.

In fables about bargains with the devil, the devil tricks you by twisting the words and meaning of the contract written in blood.

Facebook Invited as a Guest Into Your Virtual Home

Facebook is a guest you invited into your virtual home. They are also a place where you store your data valuables in exchange for help connecting with your friends.

However, your house guest put video cameras all over your house. They have taken video of your secrets or your use of the shower. They have searched your house and taken copies of your diary. They have taken copies of your address book. They did not ask for permission or tricked you into doing it. They then sell information about you and your friends to other people on the internet street.

Do x-Mossad Agents Work For Onavo? Onavo is part of Facebook

In October 2013, Facebook bought the Israeli company Onavo. Israeli newspaper Haertz estimated that Facebook paid $150 million. Onavo gathers information so that Facebook can monitor competitor Snapchat and their info was used to guide Facebook to buy WhatsApp.

This capability and effectiveness seems to hint that Onavo could be utilizing people who used to work for Israel’s legendary spy agency the Mossad.

Facebook used Onavo to conduct global surveys of the usage of mobile apps by customers, and apparently without their knowledge. They used this data to assess not just how many people had downloaded apps, but how often they used them. This knowledge helped them to decide which companies to acquire, and which to treat as a threat.

In August 2018, Onavo’s app store listings disclose that Onavo may collect your mobile data traffic for the purpose of analyzing your use of websites, apps and data to improve Facebook products and services.

In February 2018, it was reported that Facebook had begun to include advertising for the Onavo Protect app within the Facebook app for iOS users in the United States. Media outlets classified Onavo as spyware because it is used by Facebook to monetize usage habits within a privacy-focused environment. The app listing does not contain a prominent disclosure of Facebook’s ownership.

In August 2018, Facebook pulled Onavo Protect from the iOS App Store after pressure by Apple, who declared it a violation of guidelines barring apps from harvesting data from other apps on a user’s devices.

How About Facebook Messenger

People are using Facebook Messenger for chats. Facebook Messenger is a very pushy app. It also is taking a lot of contact data. It behaves much like a computer virus.

Facebook Moves Fast and Break Things

Facebook is still following their original motto. The motto was Move Fast and Break Things.

This has not gone into the issues where Facebook was used to organize mobs to physically attack people in the real world.

This has not gone into Facebooks being used to influence elections in many countries. Facebook itself tries to influence things and other use Facebook to influence things.

I fully realize that I am running the risk of getting banned by the site in question. Such a banning would have some traffic and some financial impact. I am using Facebook groups. However, there needs to be deeper understanding and discussion of what is happening. I tried to make the UK report revelations less dry and technical. I am trying to put it in terms of personal situations. Your home and what happens in high school which is considered wrong. The behavior also matches up with what is considered monstrous in fiction.

How should all of these problems be fixed? What needs to happen?

This does not cover all the problems or issues or incidents.

Move Fact and Break Things. Facebook was being deadly serious.