Nextbigfuture Info for Commenters

Thanks to all those who comment on Nextbigfuture.

Here is some general information. uses a lot of automated moderation. The system is used to manage conversations at Fox News. The system does not have any bias built into it. It does manage high traffic comments and heated discussions.

Some conversations have been set to strict moderation. I flip one setting and this happens. I am not personally deleting posts.

However, I have to go into the admin of the system to moderate all of the stored comments. I only have time for this once or twice a week.

Therefore, if one of your comments is getting caught in the automated moderation then consider trying to convey the same message in a tone and language that would not trigger an AI looking to prevent toxic arguments.

Links and embedded pictures can also get flagged. I do not think this is all the time. If you think this happened when it should not have try posting the same text without the link, picture or video. You can refer to the other content with a description. (ie. look at blah blah site with blah blah title etc…)

Also, avoid bad language and swearing and insults.

The system is trying to guide toward civil discourse. I also believe civil discourse is a valid goal.

Yes, Luca got banned again. I have been around the internet for over 25 years (even before Worldwide web back to newgroups) and I have been running this site for close to 15 years. I can take insults. I can take criticism. However, we all know when a troll is going too far. Plus Luca started harassing me via email. This site is a significant income stream. There are decisions made without a pure profit motive but profit is a factor. I do want to contribute with suggested solutions to some of the big world problems. Air pollution, world poverty etc… Giving the Luca’s of the world a forum is not on my list and I do not think that makes the world better. You would boot someone like Luca out of your house and you would boot him out if you were the owner and manager of a bookstore. You would boot Luca out if you had a party and he was annoying a lot of the other guests. Especially after repeated warnings.


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