Nextbigfuture Info for Commenters

Thanks to all those who comment on Nextbigfuture.

Here is some general information. uses a lot of automated moderation. The system is used to manage conversations at Fox News. The system does not have any bias built into it. It does manage high traffic comments and heated discussions.

Some conversations have been set to strict moderation. I flip one setting and this happens. I am not personally deleting posts.

However, I have to go into the admin of the system to moderate all of the stored comments. I only have time for this once or twice a week.

Therefore, if one of your comments is getting caught in the automated moderation then consider trying to convey the same message in a tone and language that would not trigger an AI looking to prevent toxic arguments.

Links and embedded pictures can also get flagged. I do not think this is all the time. If you think this happened when it should not have try posting the same text without the link, picture or video. You can refer to the other content with a description. (ie. look at blah blah site with blah blah title etc…)

Also, avoid bad language and swearing and insults.

The system is trying to guide toward civil discourse. I also believe civil discourse is a valid goal.

Yes, Luca got banned again. I have been around the internet for over 25 years (even before Worldwide web back to newgroups) and I have been running this site for close to 15 years. I can take insults. I can take criticism. However, we all know when a troll is going too far. Plus Luca started harassing me via email. This site is a significant income stream. There are decisions made without a pure profit motive but profit is a factor. I do want to contribute with suggested solutions to some of the big world problems. Air pollution, world poverty etc… Giving the Luca’s of the world a forum is not on my list and I do not think that makes the world better. You would boot someone like Luca out of your house and you would boot him out if you were the owner and manager of a bookstore. You would boot Luca out if you had a party and he was annoying a lot of the other guests. Especially after repeated warnings.

42 thoughts on “Nextbigfuture Info for Commenters”

  1. That’s not even possible in practice. You can’t know where in the many multi level collapsed replies hides a new one.

  2. It doesn’t allow me to write on the top level at all, only as a reply, like this.

    This auto moderation is disgusting, it doesn’t show that the comment is being eaten, much less the word(s) in question. It’s more frustrating then practically any similar feature that I came by, it catches B and an S together amongst other things…

    It wastes your time because you constantly need to check whether the comment made it.

  3. Yay! Yet another commenting system…
    Maybe much better than Vuukle, but it has some big issues.

    • On another website I commented on it sporadically got confused and mistook comments to a different article, so it sent mails with broken links. And I had to guess the correct article. (I reported this multiple times to spotim. They couldn’t care less…)
    • It doesn’t notify you if a comment is swallowed. For you it appears that the message is posted, until you refresh. This is a nasty time wasting behavior and will catch eclectic stuff such as a B and an S together… You need to constantly check whether the comment made it, and you have to brainstorm what nonsensical thing it gets hung up on. (Not even this comment made it on first two tries.)
    • It doesn’t notify you when you follow a reply link to a comment that was removed.
    • It outright breaks sometimes. Fails to redirect you to the correct article, or when it does it doesn’t take you to the comment you’re trying to reply to.

    (I give up, it swallows everything here…)

  4. Yay! Yet another commenting system…
    Maybe much better than Vuukle, but it has some big issues. On another website I commented on it sporadically got confused and

  5. I love it! A WarrenTheApe stalker wall!

    And he has the cojones to post this yarn about how he doesn’t troll while providing a link to that stalker wall in the very next sentence!

    Oh man! Gotta love that! Truly.

  6. 1) I have never assaulted and trolled any one in this forum despite being trolled by Warren The Ape in any way possible (see this link here:

    Hahahahaha. He trolls me just after claiming he’s never trolled anyone!

    Now THAT is 100% patented Luca (Mateo Martini) right there, kiddies!

  7. Well, as long as there are anonymous comments allowed he can always snipe away. However, when he has to create an account to comment, Computational Linguistics can be used to identify him by his language use patterns.

  8. Really, given that the comments are a conversation, only clearing the moderated comments once or twice a week is functionally equivalent to banning them; They’ll show up after the conversation is concluded


  9. He’s back. Got a racy avatar, too.

    I like Luca! Well, not ‘like’ per se. But I don’t like to see him banned.

    Because after they get rid of the Lucas, then they will start coming for the WarrenTheApes.

  10. Plus Luca started harassing me via email.

    Can you share some of them, Brian! 🙂

    Was any of the harassing emails about me? Did he include links to his famous Stalker Screenshot Site all dedicated to me?

    Oh yeah, people…if you haven’t seen that, you should. Unfortunately I don’t think providing a link to that will work here.

    Oh wait! I just scrolled down and Luca is not only back, but he also posted that link:

  11. You are banned because all you can do is whine and mope about how unfair everything is to you. You remind me of my daughter when she was five.

    I mean you made a FLICKR account to chronicle the injustices you face.

  12. Brian has no obligation to protect freedom of speech? Right? But then how comes he writes articles pro freedom of speech for countries like North Korea? So he is for freedom of speech everywhere except for his own forum? Just asking..

    As for your second question, I come back here every time as I do not like hypocrites who claim they want to change the world for the better and then support a coup in Venezuela an a war in Iraq that caused 200000 civilian deaths. I just do not like that

    I also like most of Brian scientific articles, but his political positions are fascists . I hope he may reconsider them sometimes

    If you feel flattered that I come back here , good or you, even if it would be Brain to be flattered not you as the site is not yours 🙂

    I hope this answers to most of yours questions

    Luca Mazza – the anti war

  13. I am (sometimes) keying a SUV car here and there to protest against climate change
    You support the murder of 200000 people in Iraq
    From an objective standpoint who is the criminal between me and you?

    Just asking (I know that you do not like questions, but.. )

    Luca Mazza

  14. It would be nice to frontload articles with an expandable list of links (by clicking a plus or carret icon), and for the love of all that is holy please consistently add original links to the published academic papers, or a DOI link. A one-two of the university PR page, then the link to the academic journal abstract page, would do wonders for people chasing info. I know that specifically makes finding such links hard in their posts, but as a service to your own readers, going straight to the source is absolutely helpful.

  15. Brian has no obligation to protect your freedom of speech (assuming you even have such a right .. I don’t know if the country you are a citizen of even acknowledges that right).

    I guess I wonder … why do you keep coming back here when you obviously aren’t welcome, and your messages are so consistently and forcefully rejected? Is this the only avenue you have to express yourself? Have you been blacklisted everywhere else? It’s almost flattering that you can’t quit us here.

  16. “But I guess going against the mob takes strength and courage and not all people have such qualities ”

    Says the guy who brags about committing crimes against people who don’t agree with his politics.

  17. And that demonstrates the problem, of course. Brian doesn’t actually have the resources to effectively ban a real troll like Luca. He can always come back through new accounts, using proxies to evade any IP blocking.

    Only a site with full time moderation could pull that off.

  18. Of course you are pro banning me, dear
    You proposed a plan for blockading China a few years ago and now find yourself that is China, with Belt – and – Road blockading the US.
    Must be a bitter pill to swallow..

  19. I’ve had a few swallowed, too, for attempting to use features like links and pictures.

    Really, given that the comments are a conversation, only clearing the moderated comments once or twice a week is functionally equivalent to banning them; They’ll show up after the conversation is concluded. I suppose if I really want to, I might try posting the comment with and without the banned HTML, but that will look awkward after the fact.

    Rather, I would propose that you just exempt a hand curated list of commenters, (Certainly Goatguy!) from the auto-moderation, if that is possible. He’s got a history, you know he’s not going to abuse it.

    I’ve no problem with banning Luca. What Jean says above, and it certainly wasn’t without cause.

  20. Thank you for banning Luca again. Also, please ban Luca again.

    …we might need a machine learning algorithm trained to recognize and ban Luca.

  21. The one thing I’m still missing from the older systems is ability to subscribe to a comments thread. I realize this may reduce the advertising income and might make the system slower (depending how that’s implemented), so I’ll understand if you choose not to add that option. But it would save me and probably others a lot of time and effort rechecking the many comment threads for new comments every day.

    Also, I second the motion to increase the character limit.

  22. (continued) 1800s this mechanism would have silenced all the people calling     for women rights, end of slavery etc. Mob rule anyone, Brian? 
    But I guess going against the mob takes strength and courage and
    not all people have such qualities 

    Cheers Luca Mazza 

    P.S. No coup in Venezuela so far 🙂


    You can tell me is the above content  constitutes harassment. I think it doesw not

    And I write to Brian very few Emails. I do not think I have sent Brian more than 10 Emails in 10 years. And mostly they were about technical issues.

    6) Yes, this forum is a stream of revenue or Brian, but he should not care ONLY about the money  but also about freedom of speech .
    Apparently, he does not . You have freedom of speech in this forum only if you support the US This is because this forum is viewed mostly by US or European readers so they want to have news pro-US.
    They do not care about the truth. I do care. This is why I get booted out when I tell people that the US did many bad things. They do not want to hear that. They only want to hear that Iran is bad . This is it Sad

    7) Brian writes that he wants to make the world a better place. How supporting a coup or wars in other countries like the US has done so far (200 000 civilians dead  after the 2003 invasion) is making the world a better place? You tell me .

    8) Ah Brian . Still no coup in Venezuela 😉

    Luca Mazza

  23. “The system is used to manage conversations at Fox News. The system does not have any bias built into it.” These two statements do not go together. Literally every techbro who ever created an algorithm has claimed it is not biased, and then it is instantly proven to be very biased. And it’s not like Fox News is a symbol of quality. It’s objectively provable that people are better informed by watching no news at all rather than Fox. This is especially concerning when you admit later in your post the algorithm is biased: “tone and language” is bias. Why the hell don’t humans admit that is bias? Sure, “links and embedded pictures” are also a form of bias, but at least that’s a side-effect of artificial stupidity, not a human intending for an algorithm to be biased and then saying “my biases don’t count because I like them.”

    Remember how the Soviets accused every socialist who disagreed with them of being traitors? Remember how poisonous their discourse became? Well imagine if instead you censored them without even listening to their ideas. You’ve just got a list of naughty words. I mean what’s worse, shitting (which everybody does), or censorship for the stupidest reason imaginable? Imagine how quickly your discourse would get poisonous. Especially considering how people who curse are measurably more honest. Don’t conflate people who have cunts and refuse to believe cunt is a bad word with criminal sociopaths doxxing and threatening bloggers.

  24. A few things to be noted here

    1) I have never assaulted and trolled any one in this forum despite being trolled by Warren The Ape in any way possible (see this link here:

    2) The reason why I got banned at least 15 times so far or more as I can remember is because I have repeatedly pointed out that the US is deadly wrong on attacking other countries without UN approval. This is illegal under the UN charter. Every time I say this I get banned

    3) Now I got banned as I proved Brian Wrong on Venezuela. He stated that there would be a coup in Venezuela before the end of 2018. I proved him wrong. He banned me . WTA supported and called  for genocide and nuclear war in this forum he did not get banned.

    4) To be noticed that it is immoral and illegal to support a coup in another country. I mean the US government condemned the alleged meddling in US elections by Russia and Brian supports a coup in Venezuela? Good grief..

    5) I have never harassed Brian or any one else by Email or any other form. I got harassed by Wta (see the link above). When WTA did this to me Brian did not move one finger to protect me . As for me, I simply wrote this email to Brian (copied without any changes)


    You mean.. 
    “I have NOT done any specific banning”? Otherwise I can not figure
    out what you mean. As for the mechanism where sufficient user downvotes gets you
    banned, or censored, I guess in the .. (continued)

  25. They never work for me. And the others often do not either. I am using Windows 10 and Firefox.

    Hmm. appears to work on Chrome. So it must be Firefox that has a problem with whatever.

  26. Yes. If you have a choice between making your site more like wikipedia or more like twitter, chose the non-evil option.

  27. So far I have had a few comments eaten by the auto-moderation. Given it’s mostly immediate and at random but rare, it’s not too annoying.

    Banning someone that disrupts the discussion is the prerogative of the forum’s owner, so I have nothing to add there.

  28. Three images/links are still broken at the top of the page: the one after Blockchain, the one after Space, and the one after Quantum computers.

  29. Whatever the character limit is, I wish it was at least doubled…if that is within your power. This is not an airhead site and some topics such as gene editing, anti-aging, the future of humanity in space, and future economies with robotics and automation require more than a couple sentences to convey opinions.

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