AI Can Be Used to Find Good CO2 Absorbing Micro Capsules

Micro-Encapsulated CO2 Sorbents (MECS) are a possible technology to capture carbon from the atmosphere. They are tiny, reusable capsules full of a sodium carbonate solution that can absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Scientists run three fluids through a series of microfluidic components to create drops that turn into capsules when exposed to ultraviolet light downstream. However, fluid properties and flow rates can change during experiments. These changes can lead to capsules that are defective, improperly-sized or otherwise unusable, resulting in device clogging, contaminated samples and wasted time.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists can now use machine learning to automate microencapsulation quality control in real-time. They have an algorithm to determine “good” capsules from “bad” and developing a valve-based mechanism that can sort them without human intervention.

Lab on a Chip- Automated detection and sorting of microencapsulation via machine learning

4 thoughts on “AI Can Be Used to Find Good CO2 Absorbing Micro Capsules”

  1. They need to create problems/solutions so that the massive billion $ funds won’t get cancelled. Just think about how many people would get laid off if all of it was found out to be a non-problem.

  2. But we know the Radiative Forcing Equation and that there’s too much CO2 in the air.
    I’m glad they’re constantly looking into new means of lowering the CO2 in the air as we’re in a right pickle. But there are some large scale efforts that seem to show more promise than others, and have multiple win-win-win strategies. Like adding wave-powered water-pumps that just pump cold, nutrient rich water up from the depths. These can then increase our seaweed farm regions enormously. Seaweed farming can de-acidify the oceans, stimulate fisheries, increase productivity, feed the world, provide us with liquid fuels, paper, building products — even seaweed concrete — and return the world’s CO2 to 350ppm by 2085 if we really get cracking! That’s what I call multiple win-win-wins!

  3. Everytime I read about Global Warming it seems like the scientists got something wrong or underestimated the effects.
    Now they want us to let them start screwing with our atmosphere? Use AI and quantum computers to figure out how to enhance our intelligence, perhaps then we can make some responsable and educated decisions about re terraforming the earth without making matters worse and killing us all.

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