Asian Analyst Forecasts Tesla Output at 700-800K Next Year

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory 3 will produce electric cars for India and other Asian countries along with China. Tesla maybe able to saturate China and enter other markets such as India with electric vehicles that are immediately competitive in price.

Reports indicate Tesla will target 3000 cars per week initially at GF3 and then scale to 500K per year full max capacity. Tesla maybe able to produce 700-800K cars in 2020.

The building for the Tesla Gigafactory 3 was recently completed. They are working on the assembly line equipment installations.

2 thoughts on “Asian Analyst Forecasts Tesla Output at 700-800K Next Year”

  1. Elon Musk will be the richest man in the world in two years time thanks to starlink. I would be a idiot to bet against him and any of his companies. They talk about apple buying tesla but the truth is Elon Musk personally will probably buy tesla then.
    If tesla makes it big in two years and the boring company really gets going Elon Musk will have more money than most countries. And the great thing about that is he wants to help humanity with his companies.

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