Avengers Endgame Passing Avatar in Global Box Office this Sunday

Kevin Feige announces at Comic con that Avengers Endgame will be the number one movie in global box office on Sunday.. This is based upon Disney’s accounting for both movies. Disney owns the Marvel Movies and the Avatar movies. They also get more accurate and timely reporting of foreign box office. Avengers Endgame was only $500,000 behind Avatar on Saturday and Disney knows how much they will make on Sunday.

Many movie box office analysts did not think Endgame would pass Avatar when the re-release first weekend was only $6 million. As Avengers closed in and was $15 million two weeks ago many were still not sure it would happen. Although Nextbigfuture could see then numbers from the full week reports showing that Avengers was catching up $6-8 million each week. The experts were fooled by the reported small weekend numbers from the US and foreign markets. As Avengers got to $7 million away last Sunday there were still analysts saying that Avatar would be passed but later because a North America would only get about $2 million this week and they thought it would drop to $1 million the next week. They were not seeing how strong the overseas was by pulling in $4 to $5 million three weeks in a row. Boxofficemojo.com was only updating overseas for Endgame once a week. Boxofficemojo reports a weekly estimate on Sunday and then a better weekly estimate on Monday.

It required seeing the problems with the Boxofficemojo numbers and remembering the last few weeks and realizing how strong the opening of the re-release was in different countries with many having delayed openings.

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Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (May 7, 2021)

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Thor: Love and Thunder (Nov. 5, 2021)

3 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame Passing Avatar in Global Box Office this Sunday”

  1. The same complaint can be made at most genres of film.

    Romantic comedies? All the same. Boy meets girl, couple fancy eachother. Someone makes a stupid mistake and they break up. Boy does something even more stupid to prove his love, they get back together, they live happily ever after.

    Film Noir detective stories? All the same. Grizzled ex-cop/nearing retirement cop/private eye is approached by beautiful woman who appears to be in trouble. He reluctantly takes on the case. It turns out that she was lying because she was crooked too. But he falls in love with her. Random bar brawls, muggings, maybe a bit of a car chase, a shoot out, all taking place in a permanently dark and raining city. Eventually some of the bad guys lose but nothing much gets permanently resolved.

    Space opera
    Sword and scorcery
    Post apocalypse
    Stoner comedy
    Heist film

    I could go on. They are all very much the same.

  2. for the love of god.. why. Avatar was an ok movie, but all these superhero movies are basically the same damn movie over and over. is it just that people are feeling powerless and want some sort of infantile escape?

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