Partial US-China Trade Deal Reached

The U.S. and China agreed on the outlines of a partial trade deal which will be signed in November.

China will make large increases in purchases of U.S. agricultural commodities, agreed to certain intellectual-property measures and concessions will open up financial services and will not devalue its currency.

SOURCES- Bloomberg News
Written By Brian Wang,

8 thoughts on “Partial US-China Trade Deal Reached”

  1. I guess the big orange clown needed a win … I doubt Lighthizer is pleased. He knows the Chinese will not hold up their end. Extend and delay is their strategy of the moment.

  2. I reluctantly agree; Recent events have demonstrated that, once a multi-national has significant assets or sales in China, they are hostage to Chinese threats, and become an extension of Chinese foreign policy.

  3. China will promise to do all these things, but will drag its feet in anticipation of its bought and paid for stooges taking over after the next election. They won’t start taking it seriously unless Trump wins and the Republicans at least retain the Senate.

  4. There should be no– free trade– with countries that don’t practice freedom, democracy and human rights.

    Free trade and low tariffs (1% to 10%) should be restricted to nations that are free and democratic (Europe, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.)

    High tariffs (15% to 100%) should be placed all all goods imported from China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc. You can’t bring freedom to the world by continuing to economically appease fascism and oppression.

  5. So what did we give up? Can’t have an agreement without concessions on both sides.

    I will celebrate when Congress ratifies it.

  6. does this mean prc is secretly buying out JP Morgan Illuminati… as the secret fed reserve trusty … ok… joke… chinese commies never agree to anything unless they already secretly can control it…

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