Tesla Cybertruck Skateboard Can Make Any Truck or SUV Configuration

Electric car makers like Tesla have all of the batteries, engines and electronics in a skateboard. They place the seats and cover on top. The Cybertruck will have up to 700-800 horsepower in its top model. The Cybertruck skateboard is a foot longer than a Ford F-150. Tesla can use the Cybertruck skateboard to make an electric version to match any existing SUV and large truck in the market. They can put three rows of seats and have storage space.

Winning in Price and Performance Competition

The Tesla Cybertruck will start at $39,000 which is 15% higher than the average of $34,000 for american new car (including SUV and Truck) sales. However, cost of ownership for electric cars is about 20% less than comparable combustion engine cars. They are cheaper to operate because they do not need gasoline and have far lower maintenance costs. Tesla cars also have retained about 10% more resale value than other cars.

Experian has an analysis of the US car market.

In three years, Tesla will have models competing in all premium and luxury categories and will be competitive in the mid-range when cost of ownership and resale value are factored.

Tesla is on track to continue to improve battery cost and performance by about 10% per year through 2030. Tesla is continuing to improve production efficiency and economies of scale.

Tesla continues to lead in assisted driving and will likely be a winner with self-driving.

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