Underdog Pharma Could Reverse Cardiovascular Disease Which is the Leading Medical Problem

Underdog Pharma is developing disease-modifying treatments for atherosclerosis and other age-related diseases.

They want to prevent or reverse atherosclerosis by removing a harmful lipid known as 7-ketocholesterol (7KC) from the arterial walls.

Underdog has a molecule that can extract the oxidized waste from the body. It is a variant of cyclodextrin which is an existing drug that is already approved by the FDA and has a good safety profile.

They will take a classic pharmaceutical approach and use it to attack the root causes of cardiovascular disease. If this works they will be able to reverse heart and arterial disease.

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), listed as the underlying cause of death, accounted for 840,678 deaths in the US in 2016, approximately 1 of every 3 deaths.

Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease combined.

Between 2013 and 2016, 121.5 million American adults had some form of cardiovascular disease.

Between 2014 and 2015, direct and indirect costs of total cardiovascular diseases and stroke were $351.2 billion ($213.8 billion in direct costs and $137.4 billion in lost productivity/mortality).

Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for more than 17.6 million deaths per year in 2016, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030, according to a 2014 study.

CVD and stroke accounted for 14% of total health expenditures in 2014-2015. This is more than any major diagnostic group.

Total direct medical costs of CVD are projected to increase to $749 billion in 2035, according to a
2016 study.

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  1. I’m not a Sanders fan and oppose him for President but THIS is not a reason. Big Pharma doesn’t creatively develop new drugs. They largely exploit old drugs and try to develop profitable drugs that are treatments for chronic common and trivial problems. They don’t care about curing malaria or heart disease, they care about baldness and restless leg syndrome because those things earn bigger profits. Innovation in drugs mostly comes from government and private charity funded research.

  2. Yang is the only candidate who has done his homework…and not going off outdated information. But his center piece is a nonstarter. 70% of Americans hate their jobs…and some jobs are dreadful. Inviting people to quit is probably not great for the economy. Maybe something like this will be needed at some point…it just is not a good fit for the present.

  3. After my Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) diagnoses, I was immediately advised for a coronary angioplasty, then a stent. After a while my condition got worse again with severe shortness of breath and angina, so i started on a natural CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE (CAD) TREATMENT from Herbal Health Point, the herbal treatment was very effective treating my heart condition and the shortness of breath. I had a total decline in symptoms. Go to page w w w. herbalhealthpoint. c o m. Its been 2 years since the treatment, I do lots of walking and lost some weight. My daughter also used their CHF product for her congestive heart failure, very effective.

  4. As a Trump supporting Republican, I agree with nearly everything you said. Our entire medical field is LONG overdue for a huge shakeup. As for politics, the DNC is a corrupt as Hillary. The DNC wants Biden to get the nomination, which is why he will. They are timing Trump senate impeachment hearing perfectly, to get Warren & Sanders off the campaign trail, and their butts glued to their seat in DC. While Biden continues his stumping in Iowa.

    My vote goes to 4 more years of Trump, unless the DNC does the unthinkable, and stops holding back Andrew Yang.
    Yang 2020

  5. Well, intermittent fasting has cured type 2 diabetes for some, or at least sent it into remission. Only time I’ve had a normal A1C reading was intermittent fasting, though it also included exercise.

  6. AFAIK, cyclodextrin is difficult to synthesize, and so is expensive. Though I don’t know how it compares to other pharmaceuticals, and if it works, an expensive drug is better than no drug.

  7. Large cap pharma companies in the USA have a Price to Earnings ratio of 15.72, compared to a S&P 500 average ratio of 15.77.

    They have a return on assets of 6.11% compared to a S&P 500 average of 7.8%

    What sort of measure were you thinking of?

  8. Have you heard of the NIH? The government invests billions into medical research (about $41B for 2020). And most new medications are not improvements on the older medications…they just have years of deceptive advertising to regurgitate and bucket-loads of cash to rake in for 20-40 years.
    The so-called Socialists just want the government to not be gouged…and want to pay something like what other first world countries are paying for the same drugs. When Republicans believed in fiscal responsibility, you would not have had a problem…but now when it is the Democrats that have had enough…
    Bernie is a Socialist…the others? Big-time stretch. Bernie is not electable. There are a lot of independents…and they are not going to go for Bernie. Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot, if they nominate him.

  9. Most people who would need this are probably too sick to do it…assuming it would work…which I have not seen good evidence for.

  10. you do know your statement here is actually not backed up by the facts? The government is trying to stop unreasonable profits from happening. Big pharma has the highest profit margin of almost any industry.

  11. Research points to long term damage to the metabolism (BMR) when you perform these long water fasts like you recommend. I know there are reported benefits, but it carries risks. If you want to do something like this I would highly recommend getting a doctor that understands it involved in the process.

  12. Not with the government trying to stop profits from happening. You can say goodbye to innovative drugs in the world if idiot Bernie and other socialists get their way.

  13. Fasting cannot remove oxidised cholesterols such as 7 keto cholestrol. Your body simple does not have the enzymes to do this. It normally builds up so slowly that our hunter gatherer ancestors would have died of something else first (disease, war) so there was no evolutionary pressure to develop such enzymes.

    If you have evidence of fasting removing 7KC then please post the link to the scientific paper detailing this.

  14. while a single 5 days of water fast , if done properly, will make you feel better it most probably will not cure a major heart disease. You will have to do multiple rounds of 14 to 28 day fasting to reliably reverse it.

  15. Not against fasting. I have been doing it some. Maybe if you were fasting or nearly fasting 5 days a week, It might cure heart disease. Should make you a blast to be around. Should guarantee you either kill yourself or someone shoots you…so yeah…cured. I don’t think most people have that level of self-control. And I am not sure that is going to revive your macrophages. 5-2 diet or not eating past noon? You will probably get healthier. Cured? I doubt it.

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