Iran and Venezuela Are Sinking Their Own Navy

A missile from an Iranian Navy frigate struck another Iranian frigate during a military exercise in the Sea of Oman. One frigate sank and at least 19 sailors died.

Above is the image of the Kenarak on fire after it was hit by a missile.

In January, Iran accidentally shot down a commercial Ukrainian passenger plane.

On January 10, 2018, the Iranian frigate Damavand, was returning to its home port of Bandar Anzali when waves and high winds forced her into a rocky jetty protecting the harbor. Two sailors died in the accident. In the weeks after, the Iranian military stripped Damavand of equipment as she broke apart on the rocks. The frigate had sank 18 days later.

On 5 August 2019, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, said the destroyer has been fully revived and this has been done in 18 months. The admiral also said that Damavand would be returned to service before 19 March 2020. However, the hull of a similar ship has been seen in satellite images, being built at the Caspian Sea port of Bandar-e Anzali

In April, 2020, Venezuela sank one of its patrol boats when it rammed an ice breaking cruise ship.

The Columbian Navy allowed three gunboats to float away unmanned and they were captured by Venezuela.

SOURCES- NY Times, Wikipedia, Reuters
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. You cheer for a nation that execute (by stoning) homosexuals, adulterers, people who left Islam, and rape victims. We all hope you’ll pay Iran a visit and receive the same hospitality as the above mentioned.

  2. Speculatively, the best form of sabotage would be to just ramp up the existing level of incompetence.
    So 1 time in 10 the safety interlocks that prevent unauthorised firing don’t actually engage. That sort of thing.
    It still comes down to someone stuffing up, so the investigation will probably stop with blaming the guy who did, in real life, stuff up.
    But it keeps having more serious effects than you’d expect.

  3. So which got more and which got less? I’m a bit confused. The 1970s dictators oder today’s? These SOBs or those SOBs? The GDP of the free world or of the commie one? Parla multo confucci Nicolucci!

  4. Uno, duo, tre

    Well I’m also red angry that this a-hole Maduro is still around, I really have to admit. But you know you have to be realistic and always look at the big picture. How many of his kin went away in the last years? Quite a lot, just think of Gaddafi, Al Saleh, Janukowitch, Jammeh, Mugabe, Al Bashir, Morales, Yameen..just to name a few. How many of these creatures came newly to power in the last time? Exactly zero I think! So looks like the good guys are still winning I’d say. 

    But of course the nastiest one is indeed still there and that’s a big pain in the as no doubt about it. If you like him so much you should just enjoy as long as he’s still around. Try to enjoy every hour with him, honestly!

  5. I suppose they were lucky they did not hit a US navy ship. Playing with matches can start a fire.

  6. The nice thing about sitting in this crumbling Empire is that I still get to eat, live, work and move around. That is a lot tougher in those workers’ paradises you mention. Like most Americans I could not give less of a sh*t what happens in those countries.

  7. You could hack the systems before use, but the mostly likely outcome is they hit a tanker rather than a friendly. You have to get not only to the targeting system on the ship, but also the launcher to fire a live round rather than a practice round – once it’s launched radar seekers will go after the biggest target, i.e. a tanker rather than a frigate. Been in a few table tops where the term missile sump applied to neutral shipping collecting missiles from both sides.

    Never assume competent bad intentions where incompetence suffices. Here’s a good illustration from WWII

  8. I guess the USA will just have to settle for famine. Soon you’ll be able to buy Venezuela with a boat load of food.

  9. shows numerous incidents of US naval accidents as well. Just one example:


    I don’t recall you posting about these. Still bitter there was no coup in Venezuela?

  10. We do have some sort of confirmation for the hacking of the software that sabotaged the Iranian centrifugal isotope separators.

    Therefore a claim that similar attacks occurred with other Iranian military systems is less of a reach than just about any other theory.
    It’s pretty much to the point where, given the successful attack on one system with about zero costs and risks (by military standards), you need to come up with a reason why they would NOT continue with everything they could attack.

  11. I have reasons to suspect that some of these incidents were triggered by system hacking of other countries. See also Iran Missiles explosions on launch pads, on way to space, in factories and warehouses exactly at a time when a prominent target was present and even when near nuclear facilities.

  12. I know a country that got some russian military ship with some years on it. The problem is the ship spends much more time at repairs than at operational service.

  13. For completeness, a list of the Russian and US ships also lost, sunk, and crashed over the past few years would be interesting.

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