Tesla Moving HQ from California to Texas and Nevada

Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately. The unelected and ignorant “Interim Health Officer” of Alameda is acting contrary to the Governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms and just plain common sense!

Elon Musk said that
Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately. If we even retain Fremont manufacturing activity at all, it will be dependent on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last carmaker left in CA.

The Palo Alto Mayor wants to keep Tesla in California.

David Lee indicates that if Alameda County compromises then Tesla will keep Fremont Production. Tesla will move HQ and expand production in Nevada and Texas as soon as possible. They could make tent structures in Nevada and get building permits quickly.

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  1. Left wingers are so easily trolled… Elon Musk and Donald Trump share a very specific quality… They both know how to troll the left.

  2. I don’t see them leaving California entirely. I could Tesla building a second plant in another state, but not leave California entirely.

  3. I think a lot of folks want out of Gavin’s Gulag—where you can check out but never leave.

    Oh—to Tom Cruise… the human landing system finalist was “Dynetics” not Dianetics.

    In other news, the fact that hardware stores remain open but not places that women visit is proof that Tim Allen designed Covid with the TOOL TIME Crisper

  4. Wow… what an uninformed, braindead comment.

    1) The price of oil could turn around on a dime.
    2) Texas’ state budget was in better shape than California before all this started, and will be after.
    3) Having lived in Texas, the lack of a state income tax more than makes up for property taxes.

  5. Here are things we did wrong during the flattening and might do better for the re-opening (or a 2nd wave):
    – React fast. Assume the worst until proven otherwise.
    – Shut down non-essential travel ASAP. Permit states to limit border traffic to essential transport. Some states didn’t get COVID19 for WEEKS after the first states.
    – Where cases are rare, track contacts, test and quarantine – even/especially if tests are in short supply.
    – Anticipate or at least observe the start of hoarding and require single-unit-per-customer limits.
    – Concentrate COVID19 cases to leave other hospitals open. Calling cancer surgery / treatment, organ harvesting/replacement, etc ‘elective’ is deceptive, and not changing that within 1 week of shutting them down was criminal negligence on the part of state governors.
    – Masks were propagandized as useless – a transparent lie to free up masks for hospitals. Should have been honest and said “wear some kind of mask to help prevent the spread of COVID19. But if you are not ‘at-risk’ through age or illness or treating a COVID19 patient, please donate your N95 masks to hospitals and use something else”.
    – The federal government should have quickly set a good design standard for ‘consumer masks’ and used federal emergency powers to force a rapid ramp up of production.
    – States should have immediately required some kind of mask – even improvised – to enter a grocery store or pharmacy or to engage in non-isolated ‘essential work’.

  6. Musk claimed to be a socialist. However, he doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot and government is hurting him rather than giving him money. He can’t have it both ways.

  7. It would take a long time to do so. Elon is frustrated and just venting. And like most engineers he is too focus on the specific problem and doesn’t take into consideration the rest of the world. He desperately needs to learn to calm down and be more diplomatic.

  8. Let me guess you hate Donald Trump? Most people looking at the data aren’t seeing what you’re seeing, but people who hate Donald Trump see what you see.

  9. You need to look at the specifics of that Toyota move. They moved all the back office, minimum wage, non-critical and non-skilled positions to whatever hell hole they retreated to. The engineering and execs stayed put. Additionally, when they asked if anyone was willing to make the move, the VAST MAJORITY told them to go jump in a lake.

  10. You are confusing people seeking employment with people not employed. Being comfortably not employed in CA is a thing.

  11. Software: no complaints there, CA is great. Biggest waste product for software is lawn clippings from our office parks.

    Aerospace: kind of a legacy of the 1950s but most companies are diversifying away. Back in the 80s CA was lit with aerospace.

    Baseball teams: actually harder to sign players because top level income tax rate is so high. Giants ran in to this last year.

    Agriculture: LOL you are so clueless. Coastal CA’s idea of working with central CA on ag issues consists of kicking central CA in the private parts for decades. No water, no fuel, no road maintenance, no laws, mandates, 3rd class citizenry.

    Renting: yes awful and going to get worse if the state gets rid of Prop13 property tax restrictions. Landlords will pass through property tax increases to renters the exact same way stores pass through sales taxes to buyers.

  12. “One does not simply move 10k jobs”

    Yes you do. Once you set up the new plant in TX you ask people if they want to move and if they don’t then they can tap in to CA’s never ending unemployment benefits. In particular if the jobs are manufacturing jobs. After all if Toyota and Nissan could do it then Tesla can do it.

  13. Uh CA has a 54 billion “hole” to fill. Unlike TX we aren’t really trying to restart our economy because “science”. After all that is why we are in a thread about Tesla moving their HQ out of CA.

    As for the ostensibly “insane” property tax levels, I can tell you that for equivalent square footage TX property taxes are 1/4th CA levels based on property my parents own in TX compared to property I own in CA.

  14. Yeah, to be fair I guess that is Sweden’s strategy, so I was wrong to say that no one is trying. I just don’t see them doing much to directly shape it, they seem to just sort of rely on the idea that their old people mostly live alone.

    I’d be more impressed if they had government-sponsored big crowded parties for healthy young people who don’t live with high risk people, while they encourage (or subsidize) time off for the over 50’s to self-quarantine. The more parties, the faster it happens, the less time the older crowd needs to take off work to stay safe. Even better if the 20-somethings just line up to get their infection shot, even if it’s only volunteers. They’d be done in 6 weeks.

    I mean, you really could just do it deliberately. Waiting for herd immunity isn’t ethically different, just slower and less controlled.

  15. No. That’s not what I thought. I have a son that is diabetic. Also known as immune compromised. 2 months ago we started quarantine. Now that we have better data I have just yesterday opened him back up to select friends. But yes 25,000 extra covid deaths in nothing compared to the harm we have currently inflicted. The federal government has spent a years worth of tax revenue in 2 months, 3 trillion dollars. Anti anxiety prescriptions are up 38% in 2 months. Over a virus that has killed 0 people under 18 in New York. So my plan is to open back up while protecting the at risk given current knowledge. Tom, I would like to know your preferred plan going forward. You seem well spoken and I may learn something.

  16. I’ll comment on the chromium plating, as a guy who restores cars. There are fewer and fewer places that perform plating, and that number will continue to shrink. It’s a toxic process that no one wants in their backyard…no one. I’ve had customers from all over the country tell me they (I run a vintage Italian sports cars restoration parts business) send their bumpers and trim down to Mexico for replating. So it’s not just a California thing. Oh, and I’m in California. We can like our cars, and be environmentally friendly.

  17. Just wait, the hole Texas is about to be in from the loss of oil revenues is going to require them to push their property tax levels to even MORE insane levels than they are currently. Worrying about a little state tax is nothing. And Nevada? Gambling and the casinos are done. There’s a huge budget hole as well.

  18. One does not simply move 10k jobs on a whim. Maybe once Tesla has several factories built to their new production method they could afford to abandon Fremont. But while they can sell all the cars they can make I’m not sure I see the logic.

  19. Sweden is a VERY different country. For example, 40% of all households are singles. Another 28% are two people cohabitating/married with no kids. Their standard way of life is halfway to social isolation!

    They didn’t shut down bars – except they did shut down bars that didn’t practice social distancing. That’s a reasonable approach, so long as you plan in advance to send cops around to shut down scoff-laws as examples to ‘encourage’ the rest to cooperate.

    Now jump in your time machine and go back in time to tell politicians that that approach works fairly well (despite a death rate in Sweden that would have left 105K instead of 80K dead here in the US – what’s a mere extra 25K dead?) so they won’t have voters calling for their skins for not being sufficiently cautious. Because I’ll bet YOU didn’t think of that plan 2 months ago – the extent of your thinking was “leave the bars open, I’ll – I mean WE’ll – be fine”.

  20. The death rate is NOT comparable to the flu as we know it. Maybe the Spanish Flu.

    Before the shutdown benefits became visible, we went from ~4700 confirmed cases on 3/16 to ~44000 by 3/23 – over 9x in a week. Without the shutdown, that would have continued to 400K by 3/30, and 3.6M by 4/6. By 4/13 the virus would likely have been hitting its natural peak, with around 10M seriously sick, another 20M-30M feeling like they have a bad flu, and some larger number feeling mildly ill. By now we’d have lost 600,000 to 900,000 lives (instead of 80,000).

    We also would have had a massive panic and economic collapse as many millions more who had COVID19 without knowing it feared they were going to die like Granny or have their lungs permanently scarred like cousin Joey.

    THAT is what we avoided, not your fantasy that life and work would have gone on virtually unaffected. I am SO happy to not have to read your post here today about how the government ‘did nothing to protect us from economic collapse’.

    Oh, and for our troubles, we’ve now got some treatments that will end up saving some of those 600,000 to 900,000 lives, and a start on reviving the economy.

    Sorry if you don’t consider those worth your trouble.

    [SO tired of listening to “patriots” who aren’t willing to accept some hardship when called upon to do so for their nation in a crisis. So many who are “too smart” to wear a mask to help protect their fellow citizens. PATHETIC.]

  21. Do tell about your extensive knowledge of crashes and hunger versus the effectiveness of the virus. If you are a minority, all three are likely to kill you, synergistically, because you are an expendable worker.

  22. if local manufacturing output is directly proportional to population, Florida should have twice the manufacturing output of Ohio, Texas 3 x Ohio etc, is that what you’re suggesting?

    Does everyone in your state only buy locally manufactured products, of course not.

    3 x the value with 2 x the ppl.

    • California had an average of 1,326,000 manufacturing employees in 2018, with an average annual compensation of $105,240.80 in 2017.
    • Ohio had an average of 699,000 manufacturing employees in 2018, with an average annual compensation of $74,679.97 in 2017.
  23. Apple, Intel, Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Space X, Tesla, the Hollywood movie industry, Five Professional baseball teams, the largest agricultural industry in America. California is a great place to do business! And if it were an independent nation and there was no US, California would be the fourth wealthiest country on Earth.

    But unless you’re wealthy or own a home, California is a terrible place to live because rental apartment inflation in California is out of this world!

  24. That’s actually not clear. They may be able to stamp out flares of infection and keep the causalities to a minimum. Or not. Time will tell.

  25. Denmark with a smaller population and lockdown? What you think will happen when they open up, dummy?

  26. I’m pretty sure that SpaceX working in TX and FL has given Mr. Musk a taste for how things could be.

  27. “Tesla got a big empty car factory for a song”

    So you are saying they paid fair market value?

  28. Tesla would keep the software developers in CA and move the headquarters and all manufacturing out of CA. No reason why they can’t do this- lots of companies just keep their software in the bay area and move everything else outside of the bay area for tax and regulatory reasons.

    Edit: Tesla is past the point of needing to keep development and production all at one location. Their batteries are in Nevada, they do production in China, etc. Software can be trivially decoupled from the hardware side of car manufacturing.

  29. Very well said. Of your options it seems to me that this is the best “Shape infection patterns so that the elderly are largely spared while the youngsters rush to herd immunity? ” Or put another way, the strategy of Sweden.

  30. 80,000 people in the US have already died, so it’s going to be more than 100,000, and clearly would have been much higher if we hadn’t done the 20% unemployment thing.

    I’m also a rather surprised about how far we’ve been willing to go here, but this is disingenuous framing. We aren’t mortified of 100,000 dead and dumping our economy to avoid it; only 100,000 dead is the goal we are dumping our economy to achieve.

    More relevant figures would be how many would have died without a lock down or how much economic damage the resulting panic would have caused (especially if it inevitably would have simply led to a later shutdown, like Italy).

    Really though, it’s all meaningless unless we put it in a wider context of our crisis exit strategy. Stay locked down until a vaccine arrives? Impossible. Slow things as much as possible until herd immunity arrives? Seems self defeating. Shape infection patterns so that the elderly are largely spared while the youngsters rush to herd immunity? No one is even trying this. Slow things down just long enough to learn more about the virus and approve a medicine to increase our survival rate? We’ve gotten that, hope the expenditure was worth it.

    There’s more possibilities, but our politicians never seem to frame anything within the shape of a real plan. They just squawk at each other partisanly.

  31. I agree, no one gets to choose if they get the virus. But please understand we went from below 5% unemployment to above 15% in 2 months. Let’s talk about the 20.5 million people who lost their jobs in the past 2 months. They didn’t get much CHOICE did they? You don’t think that will lead to negative outcomes? Over a novel virus that has a fatality rate comparable to flu. Look at New York data, deaths are 0 per 100,000 for 18 and under. Protect the old I agree with but we need more personal choice. Not some Stalin like dictates on what businesses die and which survive (essential). Not much choice in that.

  32. No. My comment is about acceptable risk. You just restated my thesis. Some people get attacked by sharks in California. The risk is very small so people continue swimming in the ocean. 3 million people a year are injured in car accidents in the US. We continue driving because we are fine with that. 60,000 people die of the flu some years and we are fine with that. 100,000 people will die of Covid and we cause 20 percent unemployment. I concede my statement is over simplified. Still, the government tells us not to smoke and getting cancer or heart disease is not generally an active choice. For a younger healthy person deciding to hop in a car is still the most dangerous. Question. Does the national safety council stat change your mind at all? You say there are heaps of deaths much higher but I am not seeing on this list. I remain open that this one list is incorrect. https://www.nsc.org/work-safety/tools-resources/injury-facts/chart

  33. Well… some people got to choose if they wanted to catch the virus.
    There was that whole “hug a Chinese person to prove you’re not racist” thing they did in Italy.
    That was (I assume) voluntary.

  34. The cost of living in Fremont, CA is way too expensive to run a car manufacturer plant anyways… Usually US car manufactures are trying to figure out how to source all their parts from low cost counties… and set up manufacturing in places with low real estate cost and cheaper worker…

  35. Plus of course that Tesla is a Silicon Valley carmaker. It does software really well. That’s it’s essence. FSD is it’s focus. That doesn’t work just anywhere.

  36. This is in the category of going private at $420/share. Not a bad price by the standards of what actually happened but just BS. There is zero chance Elon will follow through with more than symbolic/meaningless gestures. He’s not a fool and it would wreck his plans. Building a GF in Texas for CyberTruck and Semi sure. Trying to move S, X, 3, Y production over this pissing match? Nope.

  37. True. And, how many illegal immigrants? Perhaps the true population of CA is another 10% – 20% larger than the official numbers?

  38. What is included in “manufacturing”? I’ve read examples of EPA inspectors in CA outright saying that they don’t want – regardless if the factory fulfills all regulations or not – chromium plating in CA. They’re acting like an eco-mobster. And that is just one example.

    So perhaps CA allows chip factories, but stamps out any traditional manufacturing? And, since CA has a fantastic “mass” of digital companies this still creates a synergistic effect – job opportunities begets talent accumulation that begets more job opportunities and so on – it’s still growing. It’s just growing at the rate which it could have been growing with policies that favors all industries.

  39. The only draw back from slowly moving away from CA is missing out of the SW talent pool of California. SW acumen is the number one advantage that Tesla has over other car manufacturers. If they miss out on it, they may grow slower of let the others catch up.

    And it is advantageous to have development at the same site as production. So it would probably be a good idea to keep at least some production so that you can keep the SW development.

  40. The problem with this is that it is turning Texas into a democrat controlled state. Which means democrat policies and the logical consequences: failed public schools, anti- business policies, rising crime, confiscation of guns, “hate speech” laws and the whole shebang.

    And of course, no more conservative president. Ever.

    So with that, would it not be better that the Californians stay put and stew in their own juice?

  41. Billionaire whining and crying to get his way. Typical move by Musk. I dislike CA over regulation, but Musk is a big government guy and admitted socialist. I guess he only likes it when the other guy has to pay.

  42. It actually was smart, as he got lots of subsidies from California. Now that Tesla is profitable and growing rapidly, it also probably *seems* smart to move out and avoid the high tax rates and regulations, although I doubt it will actually work out well for him. Playing these kinds of power games against politicians is often a mistake; you’re playing in their home turf, and most of the media will be on their side.

  43. So Cali has 4x as many people as Ohio but manufactures 3x as much? Not very impressive.

  44. But when you dig deep enough there is always a deep reason for the tantrum, the houses were sold not because his only connection is for earth and Mars as he has stated but because the man wants to keep control of his companies so he doesn’t sell stocks and has no cash and very deep debt for example.

  45. Not so sure, his cars are as much as a Silicon Valley marvel as a classic car engineering.

  46. Not to mention I don’t know why Texas lawmakers are celebrating considering they run a welfare state, Californian surplus pays for the BS in Texas. Texas touts business friendly practices yet they make less money than California and instead run a deficit while California has a surplus, if the secessionists in Texas ever have their way they’ll be a failed state in no time!

  47. I love Musk but this isn’t a good look, threatening to leave when the going gets tough. Not to mention for workers that are paid less and have less safety requirements. And California is open now, he just needs to sue the county or get the state to intervene. Newsom opened the state so this threatening is unnecessary.

  48. Wait, what? I thought the flu was the cause of death to compare the coronavirus to. I wonder what changed…? Could it be that COVID19 deaths exceeded the “bad flu season” number of 60K deaths, so you had to look for a cause of death with bigger numbers?

    Smoking is a personal choice. No one gets to choose if they get the virus. But yes, we have partially banned smoking (in public places) to protect people from second hand smoke (which ‘only’ kills around 40K a year).

  49. Analyze what happened when Toyota ‘moved’. They moved their back office operations…all non-critical and mostly minimum wage positions, with no specialized employer base required…to Tennessee. All the high level engineering and executive positions didn’t move.

  50. Keep in mind the most dangerous thing anyone will do today is drive a car.

    That’s just ridiculous.
    IF you ignore the factor that lots of people drive, only a couple play Russian roulette, and just look at total death rates, there are still heaps of causes of death that are much, much higher than car accidents.
    Smoking for example.

    Your comment is like noticing that more people are killed by bath tubs than Great White sharks, therefore you should be fine swimming with Jaws if you are already OK with having a bath.

  51. I read your article and agree with many points in it. I would expect the 5th largest economy in the world to create new business. I would also expect a state that is home to Apple, Google, Walt Disney, and Hollywood to form new related businesses in our current digital economy. Non of that speaks to a welcoming business climate. It speaks to flukes of history and geography, not current political leadership. Apple was founded 1 year after Ronald Reagan was governor. Apple is now a trillion company and does everything legally possible to hide their earnings away from California tax overseas. Here is my personal experience. I took my family to Disneyland and LA in December. The homeless encampments are astonishing. I’ll admit its fun to visit Cali but between taxes, traffic, and decay of society why would you stay? Here is the most important point; it doesn’t matter what I think. It doesn’t matter what you think. California has had net loss from migration for the last decade. Hundreds of thousands of people have been voicing their opinion on California by uprooting and leaving. Each for their own reason.

  52. Here is a better analogy. We killed 60,000 people with the Flu last year. And no one did anything at all about it other than get a vaccine. Ever communicable disease falls into your category. 80% of people contract HPV at some point which can lead to cancer. By your logic any one with a communicable disease should remain sequestered until no longer infectious. I will let you tell every HPV, Hepititus, flu, common cold patient they are cannot leave their house until no longer contagious. For the incurable ones like HPV I will let you tell them to never leave the house again. Keep in mind the most dangerous thing anyone will do today is drive a car. A car that migth crash and inflict harm on others. I guess my take away for you is there is such a thing as acceptable risk. The Fatality rate in New York or 18 and under is 0 per 100,000. No I didn’t mistype… 0. Eating carrots carries higher risk from choking than that.

  53. Total output from manufacturing in 2018

    • California $316.76 billion
    • Nevada $8.11 billion
    • Texas $230.45 billion
    • Ohio $112.24 billion
    • Michigan $102.35 billion
    • New York $74.58 billion
    • Illinois $108.43 billion

    There is a reason for everything. Tesla is more than an employer of low skill & wage assembly line workers.

  54. Some guys can’t make the leap from creative entrepreneur to CEO of a major company. I’m thinking of the Uber guy and the Oculus Rift guy who Facebook had to sack due to his toxic views. Musk seems to be firmly in this camp and the Tesla board needs to sack him before the does any more reputational damage to the brand. ☹

  55. If you call 26,322 cases and 3,226 dead having no problems then Sweden is doing fine. Their neighbours in Denmark with half the population have 6 times fewer dead with only 529 dead as if today.

  56. …it will be dependen on how Tesla is treated in the future…

    This is fascist. This is not democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom

    Musk knows exactly how to manipulate idiots to serve his personal interests.

  57. Why would this local county fight with Elon? Tesla has already proven that they can safely run a plant during this outbreak with 8k employees in China, without employee health problems. How many of these so called “county experts” have experience running a plant, safely, during this virus outbreak? Elon has real data, they have their theories, and little experience…very sad that they have been given this power.

  58. You can say the same for oil and mining jobs. They come in tease people with the good life, then bail as soon as things get tough, leaving a destroyed economy and surrounding environment.

  59. Smoking death is self inflicted, hence pretty much everywhere has gone to try and limit secondhand smoke, since that would be inflicting harm on others. Dying of the virus is not necessarily self inflicted, if people are not taking it seriously and spreading it then they are inflicting harm on others. So not a great comparison. You can chose not to smoke, but if you need to do anything you have to risk virus exposure, so it’s not really a choice.

  60. Thanks
    Other comment systems tend to have an edit option listed below the comment I have just posted

  61. It ain’t the initial cost, it’s the upkeep.
    And the costs in CA just keep rising and rising and…

  62. And Texas doesn’t have engineers? I imagine hiring a few engineers for SpaceX in Houston opened Elon’s eyes to the potential (cheap & skilled). Admitted bias, I am a Texan engineer, and I believe our universities (UT, Rice, UH, A&M, Baylor) are producing a generous supply.

  63. Reply for Brett: First Tesla got a big empty car factory for a song and lots of recently laid off autoworkers… in addition to this being an attractive (but expensive) place to live for the engineers that designed his cars. Of course, if he moves a lot of those engineers will have laid down too many roots in the Bay Area and other won’t want to have anything to do with Texas. Also, Lucid Motors in Newark (next to Fremont) is hiring… They already employ a lot of ex-Tesla engineers.

  64. First a toddler gets impatient then they have a tantrum… does this sound familiar?

    Fremont says they want to work with Tesla to come up with a plan to reopen the factory… but nnooo, this isn’t good enough for Elon. Gesh…

  65. Nope. The musk is first and foremost a visionary, a mediocre in vision and a twisted one in focus, of the type that demands humanity that serves his visions rather than him serving humanity. He is allowed to go as far as he does because of his exceptional engineering skills.

  66. It’s easy, click the three points button at the top-right of your message and you’ll get a drop-down menu with the Edit option.

    PS: the three points button only appear while you move your mouse over the message.

  67. Factories were not forced to close, they did it voluntary. So when BMW or VW want to restart production, like Tesla wanted in this case, they could do so. There was no government regulation to close down factories of respective automakers. Grüße, du Narr.

  68. The only entrepreneurs that stay on an unfavorable place against all common sense are political cronies that benefit from the statu quo. The rest of course flee.

  69. Economic crashes and hunger also kill, and far more effectively than the virus.

    People should be pressuring for everyone to wear face masks in public, practice washing hands, more overall cleanliness and return orderly to work.

  70. Worker here, We have been working through the crisis the entire time no deaths no sickness really so…..how about dat?
    wearing mask )like everyone) you have a 1.5% chance of contracting it if around a sick person.

  71. sure TDS
    How about them dem congressmen and governors and their love of the constitution….oh wait you don;t care about things your not told to think about,

  72. So .25% of the population of Sweden has gotten sick and .03% has died. Time to stop listening to the whiners.

  73. Tesla was in Fremont because they got the old GM-Toyota plant on the cheap. They are now finding out that it is not so cheap.

  74. The problem is huge because it’s neither the Health Office nor the Governor, but Elon Musk itself.

  75. unfortunately many businesses had to close in Germany including all the big car factories. We have more than 25% of the entire workforce doing reduced working hours or staying at home. It just isn’T as painnful as in the US because we have more extensive social security.
    Greetings from Germany.

  76. Failed socialistic and entitlement ideals and programs are much like The Covid virus.

    They migrate to easily infected areas of weak people, lay waste to the surrounding areas, then move on.
    Leaving a wasted smoldering pile of disenchanted ruin.

  77. Honestly, it wasn’t all that bright being a carmaker in California to begin with. Didn’t Musk understand that there was a REASON there weren’t any others?

    I mean, sure, the weather is great, and there are beaches. That’s about the only thing California has going for it. On every business metric, it’s a terrifyingly bad place to be.

  78. Or maybe he is trying to run a business in the face of a nothing virus? 78,000 Americans have died from corona and 500,000 will die from smoking this year. While you personally argue for economic shutdown are you also arguing to ban smoking? You better be otherwise you are a hypocrite. California ranks 48th in economic freedom. Businesses and people have been leaving in droves for a decade. Have you ever been to LA? They have homeless encampments on every corner. What good does the highest tax rate in the country do you if they can’t even provide basic quality of life. Let me make this very simple for you. People are voting with their feet and leaving Democrat states in mass. I only hope those people don’t bring their failed ideas when they move to Texas.

  79. It’s about time. The lockdown in Germany didn’t prohibit going to work, only restaurants and clubs were closed down. Sweden is having no problems, neither does South Korea and Taiwan. They all put social distancing in place and improved surveillance but work was still possible. In Spain and Italy, they did nothing at all until huge parts of the population were infected and it was too late for their high age population.

  80. Musk is putting profits before the lives of his workers. Turns out he’s not the great industrialist his fanboys make him out to be. Just another greedy billionaire out to enrich himself at the expense of others. What a disappointment.

  81. This kinda of loud drama and what’s said on earnings calls don’t seem to go thru the BS/PR filter like it should for people trying to make sense of them.

    Apparently Tesla intended to move to TX/NV anyway.

    “The president” is funny. In the same sentence as “Constitutional”.

  82. He was told that he can reopen by the end of the month and he is over reacting. Someone who capriciously leaves because he is not happy with a very complex situation is not the one that will lead us to a new era.

  83. Musk seems to be entering another period of mental instability. Yet another way he is the 21st century Howard Hughes.

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