Fires and Incompetence Destroying Ships of the World’s Navys

The USA Navy has joined the Navies of Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran who have had major navy ships destroyed by fire or other causes. The US appears to have lost a Wasp class assault ship to a construction fire. The US has nine other similar ships and 11 larger aircraft carriers.

In Dec, 2019, Russia lost its only aircraft carrier to a fire.

In April 2020, China had a fire on one their new Type 075 big-deck amphibious assault ships. This is a 40,000 ton helicopter carrier.

Iran hit its own ship with a missile. Venezuela sank a navy patrol ship when it rammed the front of ice-breaking cruise ship.

Two major fires are still burning on the Wasp Class landing assault ship, USS Bonhomme Richard. This is a 40,000 ton 844-foot long small aircraft carrier. The US has not declared the ship lost but they will. The ship will be on fire for days and the fire is leaving massive holes.

There were 8 Wasp-class ships. They were being refitted to carry F-35B fighters.

$10 billion was being spent to build 3 larger America class ships. The America class can launch up to 25 F-35Bs. Two America class ships were completed.

The US Navy was spending $250 million on each ship to enable them to carry and launch F-35B fighters. A new, heat-resistant deck coating would have allowed the ship to operate as many as 20 F-35Bs. The US Navy planned to use the ship was until 2037.

The US has 11 full-sized aircraft carriers and now has 9 assault ship carriers.

SOURCES- Wikipedia, USNI
Written by Brian Wang,