Munro Says Tesla Has Million Mile Batteries Installed and Expects Bigger Paradigm Shift for Battery Day

Sandy Munro has done ultra-detailed teardowns and reverse-engineering of Telsa cars. He describes how the thermal management used in the Tesla Model Y is vastly superior to other carmakers. This enables Tesla to have superior range.

CEO Rahul Sonnad of Tesloop is using Tesla cars to take passengers to Las Vegas. They have Tesla cars that have been driven over 750,000 miles.

Sandy thinks that battery day news will likely reveal new battery technology. This could be the Maxwell drycell technology or something solid-state.

Elon said Tesla is open to supply software (autopilot), powertrain and batteries to other automakers. If Tesla ends up cutting supply deals with major carmakers then Tesla will make $5000-15000 on cars made by other manufacturers. Currently, Tesla sells regulatory credits to other carmakers.

SOURCES – Now you Know, Sandy Munro, Elon Musk Twitter
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

8 thoughts on “Munro Says Tesla Has Million Mile Batteries Installed and Expects Bigger Paradigm Shift for Battery Day”

  1. Musk’s desire to sell batteries and power trains to other automakers has more to do with his subsidies running out than anything else. Other automakers will get the subsidies to purchase T’s power trains. Smoke and mirrors. Expensive low quality cars for the rich subsidized by the masses; the new capitalism.

  2. A move to a superior battery chemistry is sorely needed by the EV industry. They’ve been tweaking the same old limited tech that they inherited from mobile phones and laptops.
    As long as they don’t move on they’ll be carrying around a huge weight handicap. As well as several other issues: limited charge/discharge current, lifetime, catastrophic full discharge (which also limits usable energy).

  3. Individuals are not going to be the owner/operator of rideshare network cars. Just like with AirBnB, it will be fleet operators with dozens of vehicles that will account for majority of the cars in the network. People are not going to put their baby/prized possession into rideshare use. If I was perfectly honest, I kind of doubt that Tesla will actually have non-Tesla owned vehicles in the network. They might as well capture all the value of the cars they are producing, and if the market is valuing them so highly, I think they could easily finance it from a cash-flow perspective. Or, perhaps a spin-out like Starlink from SpaceX. They could raise tens of billions to finance vehicles for the network without diluting existing Tesla shareholders.

  4. A “million mile” battery would certainly be a game changer, especially considering that my biggest concern about electric vehicles is the lifetime of the batteries (e.g. that the batteries last the lifetime of a car – around 250K miles or so).

  5. I knew it was only a matter of time before he announced the possibility of selling drivetrains if not complete rolling chassis to other manufacturers. Seriously mass production, here we come.

  6. There is no chance Tesla will have self-driving Ubers before the covid pandemic is over. The technology isn’t going to be really ready for years, and then it will take some time to work out the legalities and business model.

    In any case the virus is transmitted through the air, there is no proof it is actually spreading via surfaces. And even if it was, you could easily deal with this with anti-microbial coatings and installing UV lights that periodically cleanse the interior between fares.

  7. The new Tesla business model has people buying these 1M cars and then letting the cars run around at night driving people here and there. But we need to get past Covid for it to work. I already don’t like the idea of randos in my car, but if they might be infected forget it.

    Once we get past Covid, this has a decent chance of working. Musk could single-handedly cause half the cars on the road to disappear forever.

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