Munro Says Tesla Has Million Mile Batteries Installed and Expects Bigger Paradigm Shift for Battery Day

Sandy Munro has done ultra-detailed teardowns and reverse-engineering of Telsa cars. He describes how the thermal management used in the Tesla Model Y is vastly superior to other carmakers. This enables Tesla to have superior range.

CEO Rahul Sonnad of Tesloop is using Tesla cars to take passengers to Las Vegas. They have Tesla cars that have been driven over 750,000 miles.

Sandy thinks that battery day news will likely reveal new battery technology. This could be the Maxwell drycell technology or something solid-state.

Elon said Tesla is open to supply software (autopilot), powertrain and batteries to other automakers. If Tesla ends up cutting supply deals with major carmakers then Tesla will make $5000-15000 on cars made by other manufacturers. Currently, Tesla sells regulatory credits to other carmakers.

SOURCES – Now you Know, Sandy Munro, Elon Musk Twitter
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)