Five Other Arab Countries Are Negotiating Normalization With Israel

Oman, Sudan, Comoros, Djibouti and Mauritania are in talks with Israel to normalize relations.
Israel already had peace deals with Egypt and Jordan. They just recently reached normalization agreements with UAE and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia’s current King Salman is against normalization but reports are that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be in favor of normalization.

These developments reshape the geopolitics and economics of the region.

In 2019, the ISPSW Strategy Series: Focus on Defense and International Security wrote The New Bloc: “The Middle Eastern Entente”. This think tank paper indicated that Iran, Turkey and Qatar were trying to form an alliance. It was written by Yossef Bodansky. The Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy (ISPSW) is a private institute for research and consultancy.

Nextbigfuture does not believe that Turkey will ally with Iran.

Turkey normalized relations with Israel in 2016 and has had relations with Saudi Arabia. Turkey is a member of NATO, but has been erratic. Turkey wants to do its own thing and tries to be the dominant regional power.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Israel are the major powers in the region.

Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. 10 years? Not even 1 year has passed since this online convo, and the Taliban now owns Afghanistan. Too bad we couldn't make that bet happen.

  2. Man does good and evil because he has no foresight into the result of his actions and that of his peers. There are too many variables for our little brains and entropy does not help either. We cannot even predict how we feel about ourselves, when, with hindsight, we look back upon our own actions. Will it be with pride or will it be with guilt? In both case the intention of the action could have been deemed good. No book, no teaching, no AI-prosthesis can mend this.

    So as long as man does not accept his nature, which is the lack of foresight, he will focus on regret and pain, instead of learning.

    Therefore, I would learn my children to accept the limits of their nature, and teach them that lack of foresight will get them and all into trouble, inevitably.

    He is wise to accept it, learn from it, and not turn into a pillar of salt because of knowing it. A living being needs to eat, and needs to act into the world. It moves because sitting still would kill it.

    But there is no need to act reckless, or perform actions that are known to create suffering, predictably. Experience will teach us to predict more reliably, but even then life can be end up different from what we try to make of it.

    I will teach my children to step up into the world and act, as responsibly as possible, reminding them they must also take from it.

  3. Gold you are so rIght .It is also written in the koran that an enemy can be lied to . So once everyone has what they want they can find an excuse to make war again. I am aware but who knows with hope something will change. We are after all cousins . I feel closer to any Arab or black person that any white person I have known .

  4. The Arabs illegally attacked Israel in 1948 in an attempt to genocide the Jewish people. After they were defeated they rebuilt their armies and threatened to re-invade. In 1967, faced with Arab armies massed on their border, and rather then let themselves be destroyed, the Israelis attacked and defeated them. To better protect themselves from future attacks they seized both the Golan Heights and the West Bank. If the Arabs had simply accepted the right of Israel to exist in 1948, none of this would have happened. The moral of the story is don't attack Israel, and don't be surprised when they defend themselves. Any real lasting peace requires the Arab countries to recognize the right of Israel to exist and to make reparations for the war crimes they've committed. That includes ceding the Golan Heights and those parts to the West Bank that have Jewish populations.

  5. Christianity has a new testament whos tenants include the golden rule, (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and acceptance of un-believers written into it.

    now that doesn't mean it's impossible for someone to subvert the religion into old testament fundamentalist violence, but it does make it harder.

    Islam on the other hand, has no new testament, it outright prohibits modernization in fact. it has no golden rule, and labels unbelievers as un-human.

    this doesn't mean it's always violent and terrible, but it does make it easy to return to its early fundamentals.

  6. what about the gains of war. Did the arab world not attack Israel and deny its exsistance on the planet and they lost.Would the ARAB WORKS GO AWAY IF THEY WON A WAR?
    Is it possible that the words of our gods need adjusting to 2020 or do we all go down the road of mutual destruction willingly ? Im 85 and too old and sick that I need worry .What about those of you with 7 young children.What kind of world do you want for them?
    Peace with all and the living creatures of this earth or killing for the sake of honor, revenge fun or cruelty?

  7. exactly my attitude
    Is it possible that the words of our gods need adjusting to 2020 or do we all go down the road of mutual destruction willingly ? Im 85 and too old and sick that I need worry .What about those of you with 7 young children.What kind of world do you want for them?
    Peace with all and the living creatures of this earth or killing for the sake of honor, revenge fun or cruelty?

  8. Is it possible that the words of our gods need adjusting to 2020 or do we all go down the road of mutual destruction willingly ? Im 85 and too old and sick that I need worry .What about those of you with 7 young children.What kind of world do you want for them?
    Peace with all and the living creatures of this earth or killing for the sake of honor, revenge fun or cruelty?

  9. Oman and Sudan are Arab countries.
    Comoros, Djibouti and Mauritania are NOT Arab countries.

    Such countries normalizing relations with Israel means nothing of significance.
    The occupied territories problems, the UN resolutions requiring Israel to withdraw and the habitual aggressions (bombings, assassinations) by Israel persist.

    Any real lasting peace in the Levante requires Israel to withdraw from all illegally occupied territories.

  10. According to 2005 statistics compiled by the South Korean government, about 46% of citizens profess to follow no particular religion. Christians account for 29.2% of the population (of which are Protestants 18.3% and Catholics 10.9%) and Buddhists 22.8%. Islam in South Korea is practiced by about 45,000 natives (about 0.09% of the population) in addition to some 100,000 foreign workers from Muslim countries.

    Can you provide a link to a news story about Christians destroying a Buddhist temple?

  11. No, all religions are not evil, except perhaps Islam which has essentially been at war with the world since it was created 1400 years ago. Generally speaking, any ideology can be turned to evil. Humans are extremely good at twisting ideas to mean the exact opposite of what was originally intended. Take early Christian ideology for instance: judge not lest ye be judged, cast ye the first stone who is without sin, and do unto others as you would have them to unto you. Somehow the Catholic Church evolved from those simple ideas and twisted them into burning heretics at the stake. It's not Christian ideology that's evil. It's how humans interpret and apply it that is.

  12. You are of course correct that you don't find similar levels of e.g. terror and intolerance in most any other contemporary religion than Islam.

    But it was less different historically, you might wonder where all the old religions in Europe went (check Catharism in Wikipedia etc).

    All religions are, well, evil.

  13. Even if I bought into your narrative, that's nowhere close to the acts of terror carried out by Islamic extremist upset if you "insult" Islam.

  14. So you are claiming that people are not allowed to change their own religion to one that is, what? Inappropriate to their race?

    They need to apply to the UN council of ethno-religious control and seek permission to worship in a way reserved for white people. They'll be allowed to adopt Judaism maybe.

  15. If you know of any booking/betting intermediating party that is objectively trustworthy, reliable, solid, and will be around in 10 years' time to decide the bet's winner, let me know. Otherwise or until then, alas, this bet will be left unfulfilled and hanging.

  16. American missionary interference in Korea has just about converted the whole country to a non desirable form of evangelical Christianity in under 3/4s of a century. Theses newly stamped Christians have destroyed Buddhist temples and thrown away most of their culture, literally paving over the old temples for new churches. Those Christians are a plague.

  17. Can you define what you mean by "radical Christianity" and give an example?

    I don't know of any Christian or Jewish group that is preaching, let alone actively waging an armed struggle, to overthrow democratic government and institute theocracy.

    Of course there are Christians and Jews that believe strongly in their faith. I've met a few. But none of them have ever tried to kill me because I refused to accept Jesus Christ as my savior.

  18. The Taliban will never become the ruling party. Argue all you want. Let's watch what happens over the next 10 years and see who's right.

  19. My problem is, what is the difference between radical Islam and radical Christianity? You know Evangelicals, Christian Science, hardcore Catholics, and LDS. In a Venn Diagram, the actual things that they both support are scary similar. They are pretty much anti- the same things and pro- the same things. Radical Judaism (Ultra Othodox and Hasidic) also falls within these bounds.

  20. You'd make more sense if Taliban were the only player. Taliban is the only strong, least violent player — as strange as it may sound. Look up all the Muslim groups that are vying for power there. Or, generally, the high-level of group segregation in Afghanistan.

    The urban portion of the population naturally does not support Taliban. But a lot of the countryside does.

    Had the Soviet not deposed of the Afghani King in the 70's, there'd be no need for Taliban. The King kept the balance between all the Tajik and Pashto chieftains and urbanites (the latter could have a lot of the modern day freedoms).

    If you take into account historical and cultural realities, especially after Soviet invasion and the civil war, you cannot have a stable country, which is the situation now. Once Taliban becomes the ruling party and an arrangement with the others is worked out, Afghanistan will become a more stable country. The other extremist groups (including a branch of ISIS, much more extreme than Taliban) will be decisively defeated and routed.

    Realpolitik. Taliban's the strongest native player. They should be the ones ruling.

    Only after fundamental stability can you talk about some liberality. And if Taliban has no say about what Afghanis can or cannot do, the American State Dept and its NGOs have even less right to do so.

    Teaching Afghani women how to put a condom on a banana etc will only create more hatred and instability in the country. Americans must leave and cede the territory.

  21. If you support self determination then how can you possibly support the Taliban? They have been fighting a war against the democratically elected government of Afghanistan for 15 years. The people of Afghanistan have spoken. They don't want the Taliban and they don't want a "traditional, patriarchal way of life". They want freedom, accountable government, and civil rights.

    So since the Taliban won't accept that, they instead murder Afghan civilians, police, and soldiers on a daily basis. Every week there are attacks in some part of the country.

    If they want to be left alone, then all they have to do is stop fighting. They could easily pursue their traditional, patriarchal policies peacefully through the political process, like all normal law abiding political parties do.

    Of course, the Taliban know that's a dead end. That's exactly why they don't stop fighting. The Afghan people are smart enough to know what "traditional, patriarchal way of life" means. It means tyranny, corruption, and endless ethnic, clan based war. They're never going to vote for that. And that's why we will win and the Taliban will go the way of dinosaur.

    By the way, I'm curious – do you vote in elections or do you let the patriarch of your family exercise political power for you?

  22. Not the end till someone creates a Talmud for the Koran AND IDEAS AND EVEN IDEALS are changes to suit the times.

  23. I support any nation's right for self-determination and exercise of their traditional, patriarchal way of life, especially family and clan life. Soviets thought otherwise. A union of Neocon and "Progressive" Americans thinks otherwise also. If spreading "democracy" and feminism by aerial bombing is better, you're no better than those Muslim fanatics you're complaining about.

    The only mistake of Taliban was the support and protection they gave to al-Qaeda and Osama. They've paid dearly for it, and it's time to leave them alone (of course, on condition that they no longer assist enemies of America).

  24. Turkish military ambitions far exceed Turkey's economic strength. Erdogan should take care that his reach doesn't exceed his grasp.

  25. Pashtuns only make up 40% of the Afghan population. So it isn't "their land". Second, they're also active in Pakistan, so they aren't just trying to spread Islam inside their own turf. Third, they have alliances and actively collaborate with other muslim terrorist groups located in the Middle East and elsewhere. Last, if you would actually bother to read the Koran, you would note that it's the duty of all muslims to spread Islam by Jihad. Of course, how the word Jihad is interpreted is open to interpretation, but radical muslim terrorists like the Taliban interpret as "go forth and murder" anyone who opposes them no matter where they're located.

    Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and Bhuddhism all once thrived there. That is until the muslims came along. That's what radical Islam does – destroy every culture it comes into contact with. Get your facts straight and stop supporting murderers.

  26. Taliban does not seek to spread Islam outside of their home turf, Afghanistan. They're Pashtuns and its *their* land.

  27. You're not fooling anyone… We all know who you are.

    Just sayin.

    Oh, and fyi, quite everything you just wrote is irrelevant to my point.

    Just saying.

  28. Turkey is a bigger danger to world peace than Iran. Their military power is stronger and and have military ambition spanning the whole region.They are actively involved in the conflicts in Syria, Negoro Karabach, Lybia in an opposing side to Russia and directly with Greece. They are building an aircraft carrier with the help of an Italian company, an indeginous stealth fighter, expanding their military and military industry. They have recently become a drone design and use superpower. A Turkish Russian war is a real possibility in the near future.

  29. I'm with you up to "end of all other forms of ….. religious violence." Can't agree on the "outlawing of any culture" and the rest. You're getting into "anti free speech and anti freedom of association" minefields. Like today's hate crime and hate speech laws, once you start down the road of judging which cultures/ideas/beliefs are acceptable (aka "not oppressive"), then political groups will start branding anything they disagree with as an "hate speech" and "outlawed culture" and "oppressive". It inevitably leads back to tyranny and the bringing about of exactly what you are trying to prevent. There has to be a balance between democracy / free speech / freedom of association, and promoting security / stability / peace.

  30. And next, the end of all other forms of religious extremism and religious violence, and the outlawing of any culture using any religion as a crutch to oppress people, and an enforceable, international mandatory total separation of church and state for all governments, whether they like it or not.

    Hey, I can dream lol. Actually I think I'm just in a Darth Vader kinda mood. xD. Apparently, also a run-on sentence mood. Yikes. >_>

  31. Another nail in the coffin for radical Islam and all its terrorist groups. The beginning of the end of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Ayatollah, ISIS, the Taliban, and all those who seek to spread Islam through murder. Good riddance.

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