Next Tesla Full Self Driving Chip Will Use 5 Nanometer Lithography

Tesla will work with Samsung to develop a 5nm-class semiconductor for the HW4 version of the Tesla Full Self Driving Chip.

Samsung is supplying 14nm chips to Tesla for the HW3 version of FSD.

The in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) uses a variety of chips such as processors, neural network processors (NPUs), security integrated circuits, memory, and display driver IC (DDI).

TSMC. Taiwan TSMC has had the world’s first 7nm chip for self driving vehicles in May 2020. Samsung Electronics is skipping the 7nm chips for 5 nanometer.

Written By Brian Wang,

9 thoughts on “Next Tesla Full Self Driving Chip Will Use 5 Nanometer Lithography”

  1. Nice fight over lidar. Seems it will be almost free soon. Musk kept calling it *radar* when showing Dragon, which uses it, until he was corrected on stage. So he may have traumatic association there.

  2. Gee, you mean Waymo doesn’t publicly say it’s wasting it’s time competing with Tesla and is doomed to failure? Who’d have expected them to say that?

  3. A direct competitor would probably be considered the least qualified to publicly assess their biggest rival honestly.

  4. I think Brian should tell us what Tesla meant by full self driving, because it seems rather misleading. According to Tesla’s own website, the system requires active driver supervision and does not make the car autonomous.

  5. Blimey well that just shows Mr Musk best Tesla just gives up completely eh?
    Well time will tell won`t it.

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