Boring Company Projects Beyond Las Vegas

Youtube Channel Boring Revolution has detailed tracking of all current and potential Boring Company projects. There were the small tunnels in Los Angeles and the expanding Las Vegas projects. The Las Vegas projects look like they will be $300-400 million in revenue for Boring Company.

Boring Company is completing or has completed about $80-90 million in projects.

The Austin Texas Loop and Miami Florida Loop appear quite likely (70-80%) to start and would represent another $250 million in projects.

Tesla is building a test tunnel in LA using an improved Prufrock digging machine.

The next big step beyond the Las Vegas Loop would be a billion-dollar Baltimore-DC tunnel.

SOURCE- Boring Company, Boring Revolution
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Ft.Lauderdale train tunnel doesn’t fit with anything else TBC has announced or done. It would have to be much larger than their standard diameter so different TBM, tunnel liners, transports. If they did it, it definitely wouldn’t be for the same $10M per mile price.

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