Reddit Wallstreetbets Is NOT Pushing Silver

This is a link to the Reddit Wallstreetbets article that indicates it is Hedgefunds pushing silver and not Wallstreetbets.

By buying silver/going long on silver, you would be directly putting money into the pockets of the EXACT HEDGE FUNDS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF $GME šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸ’Ž šŸ™Œ The hedge funds are LONG silver NOT short silver.

The media, Wall Street, normies, and every other non-WSB autist are trying to push you to buy silver. This would be a tragic, irreversible decision that not only will most likely not make you any money because the squeeze is fake, it will put you on the sidelines from this righteous and glorious war we are in.

If you are looking for alternative investments to GME, Iā€™d recommend simply getting in on the $BANG GANG- Blackberry, AMC, Nokia, and GME.

Wallstreetbets now has over 8 million subscribers. This is up from about 2 million at the start of 2021.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell anything but get Reddit Wallstreetbet guidance directly from the source. The information in newspapers and other sources are not correct.

SOURCES= Reddit Wallstreetbets
Written By Brian Wang.

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  1. Meh. These outlets, as with ads and most businesses, fall away if you no longer pay attention. Unfortunately, the make-up of society is such that people are too politically-weak or distractable or emotional to simply 'live their lives' without this media distraction. I always wanted to find an outlet that was absolutely 'neutral' – maybe Reuters, main page. Even publicly supported media such as BBC, ABC, and CBC have a decidedly woke or sensational or alarmist stance. When I was a kid, my small town had a news station which was just 'typed words' running across the tv screen – a bit faster than normal reading — and the stories were just simply facts. I recall barely the Monster Bangladesh disaster of early 1990s with 150k+ killed (i think) and it was the same amount of news info 'lines' as the baseball scores and local election. Huh, i thought: Some far off country had a huge death toll. Nothing I could do. And that was that. Not days and days of 'news cycle'. Just the facts. Now I know and I carry on with my life. Many might consider this apathy as criminal. I call it choice.

  2. Meh. The popularity and expectancy of Mainstream Media is a function of the Quality of People who depend on it for their daily existence – read: most. You may as well complain that the prevalence of poor health and dysfunctional families at the near-poverty level is due to the Mainstream Fast Food. The Big Benefit of living in a Free Society is that many people, if not most, will make terrible decisions leading to terrible lives. Meh again. Choice is inherently fraught with the likelihood of many choosing non-optimally. That being said: the whole Tobacco is addictive lawsuit/ publicity thing is a small step for having governments and others slightly responsible for protecting people against their own poor decisions.

  3. If you buy silver, do not buy paper silver like SLV, or shares in a silver "pool". Buy physical silver, and take delivery. Precious metals should be kept outside the banking system, but private vaults are acceptable.

  4. It's true that many, perhaps most, media "issues" are cultural. ie. If every reporter is the sort of person who goes to university and does a journalism degree, then they are mostly going to view the world the same as eachother, and interpret things so that university students who wear all black and do an arts based degree are the inherent standard of what is normal and good.
    eg. The media definition of "rich" is "makes more money than a journalist".

    But there has also been a long, long history of the news media bowing to the power groups that ultimately pay their wages. The most obvious of these is the real estate industry. Most local and city newspapers are largely paid for by the pages and pages of glossy colour real estate listings. And hence there is a backup of pages and pages of "news" stories about marvelous new developments, wonderful housing ideas, "Interviews" with "experts" about the housing price boom that is just about to happen and if you don't buy now you'll miss out by not buying now. Now!*

    This is actually an issue where I agree with the radical left, though I disagree on the appropriate actions to take.

    *Source: I know a person whose job is to coordinate those "coincidences" where all the ads and all the new stories are appearing in the same media at the same time.

  5. As soon as you start making distinctions between what subjects the media lies about and what subjects are important to which they lie about, then your excusing the lying on things you don't think are important and that makes it harder to criticize in general.

  6. silver iwas a part of wsb. but there was internal dissent. its actually a great play. but really its to complicated and long term for autists

  7. This is different from the general media issues. We are currently dealing with media deliberately misleading at the behest of vested interests (hedge funds).

    Not the same thing.

  8. Yep, that's spot on. Or as one article I read today said, "the market is being irrational" which of course it tends to do periodically ever since the first trade was made back in neolithic times.

  9. The media has ALWAYS been a bunch of lying, soulless, audience chasing, greedy hypocrites long before the printing press was invented. There has never been a time when humans weren't lying, distorting the facts, omitting key aspects of an issue, blah, blah, blah.

    The media isn't about publishing the news, or objectively examining issues. It's about selling stories that the public wants to hear, feeding people's egos, and making them feel good about themselves. It's always been that way. It will always be that way. The media is simply a reflection of humanity and all it's hypocrisy

  10. Short selling and short squeezing have been standard practice for centuries. This particular example only caught people by surprise because it was the first social media one.
    If it becomes common then it won't catch anyone by surprise again and the short sellers will adapt. No big deal.

    Not to say that there won't be the occasional short squeeze again, but there were many in the past too. VW being the most recent example I know of, albeit I don't follow such things. And I think there was a diet shake company fairly recently? I don't know.

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