World Average GDP Per Person Higher Than USA GDP Per Person in 1940

World PPP GDP is about $130 trillion today. In 2011 dollars World GDP PPP is about $110 trillion. The per-person GDP PPP (2011 dollars) is about $13,600. Around 1940, the average national per capita PPP GDP in the richest country in the world (USA) was about $11,000. Over 80 years, the world average per person GDP has exceeded the average of the richest country in the world by about 25%.

If this was to happen again by 2100, then the world per capita PPP GDP would surpass $66,000 by 25% to $82,500. World population in 2100 would be about 11 billion. This would be a world economy of $902 trillion. The 5.5 billion people in Asia by 2050 should mostly be fairly close to the per capita income of the US and other developed countries.

If there is radical life extension to an average life expectancy of 140, then World population would be 16 billion in 2100. World PPP GDP in 2100 would be $1.32 quadrillion ($1320 Trillion).

80 years before 1940 it was 1860. The most productive countries in 1960 had a per capita GDP PPP of about $5000 per person. There was 2.2X from 1860 to 1940 for the most productive countries and 6X from 1940 to 2020.

If there was another tripling of improvement rate over 80 years from 2020 to 2100, then instead of 6X it would be 18X and world per capita PPP GDP in 2100 would be $250,000. This would take an increase of 1.5% annual GDP growth globally over the 79 years. This would be a $4 quadrillion world economy.

If World economic growth rate increased by 1% per year from now to 2100 then the world economy would be about twice as large in 2100.

If there was technological acceleration, then the world should do far better. This acceleration could come from molecular nanotechnology or vastly superior AI. There could be a massive increase in resources from the development of space.

The $1 quadrillion economy is something that is mostly following current trends. The $4 quadrillion level is just matching the acceleration of 1940-2020 over 1860-1940.

Getting to four times better with molecular nanotechnology and other technology would make the average global citizen a millionaire in PPP 2011 dollars in 2100.

SOURCES- Indexmundi, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,

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