Give Facebook Data Access or Pay

Apple iOS 14.5 requires all apps to ask for permission before data is shared. Facebook and Instagram have notices that if you do not share your data with them that there may be future charges.

Apple’s App Store forbid apps from offering incentives for users to allow themselves to be tracked.

I don’t Apple or Facebook are battling over user privacy. The battle is for financial gain. Apple’s long term financial interests in this case are more aligned with user privacy. However, Apple will use lock-in and other tactics that are against user interests if it is in the financial interest of Apple.

SOURCES – Facebook, Twitter
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of apple and Facebook)

8 thoughts on “Give Facebook Data Access or Pay”

  1. You don't have to use Facebook to be tracked by Facebook. It's not enough to deny cookies. Your friends who use Facebook give Facebook information about you. Every other webpage offers Facebook or similar for login or has a "like us on facebook" button or similar. Builtin functionality in HTML to save bandwidth is the ability to cache images and similar so you don't need to load them multiple times; a string identifier is used to keep track of changes in case it is altered in the future so that the cached version isn't accidentally used. By giving each user a unique string, the web browser will say "oh, I know about facebook_like.gif; is the string identifier still <unique string>?". It is also possible to request a lot of information from the browser and its environment to try to tie the browser to a particular account.

    Even if you don't think you have a Facebook account, Facebook maintains a shadow profile on you.

  2. If you presented them with clear and concise evidence of how much of their personal lives and privacy is being collected, you’d still have a group throwing their hands up proclaiming, ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’. These enablers of these bad practices already gave up.

  3. If FB takes that route, they just rendered themselves a footnote in tech history. Goodbye.

  4. Honestly, I think this is fine. Many people don't use these services and would be fine paying for an ad-free/paid privacy tier of Instagram/facebook.

    You can't expect to receive a service for free and not to be the product.

  5. Different sources of revenue, different stances about their customers and their products.

    But I'm siding with Apple on this. At least they sell something physical you can use and they try to align with whatever their clients want.

    I doubt Facebooks customers want to have their data stolen and used just because it's a "free" product. They mostly don't know and therefore don't care.

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