Cathie Wood Saw 2008 Housing Bubble in 2006

Casgains Academy presents the career of Cathie Wood. Cathie Wood was an economic analyst in the late 1970s and 1980s when there was high inflation. Many noted experts believed that high inflation was going to stay for a long time. Cathie predicted that high inflation would go away soon and she ended up being correct. Cathie Wood now manages the Ark Invest funds which have over $50 billion in assets.

Cathie saw the housing bubble in 2005 and 2006 but after underperforming with a derisked portfolio in 2006 changed back to high risk in 2007 so she underperformed in 2008. This experience has helped Cathie to prepare her innovation funds to prepare for crashes and have strategies to ride through crashes.

Cathie was in early in Bitcoin when it was at $250.

Cathie was early on Netflix and Tesla.

“Disruptive innovation focused strategies can be used as part of an investor’s long-term growth strategy, as a satellite strategy to diversify core portfolios, or as a hedge against rapid change. Over time, such a well-balanced portfolio should have the potential to deliver higher returns than risk-averse strategies,” explains Tom Staudt, ARK Investment Management’s COO.

Cathie has been investing in innovation before and through the rise of the internet.

SOURCES – Casgains Academy
Written by Brian Wang,