Tesla Market Share 50+% for EV Price Categories

Tesla electric vehicles are not competing in the below $40,000 price range. Tesla Model 3 starts at $41,000 and the Tesla Model Y starts at $51,000.

The Tesla Model S starts at $70,000. The Tesla Model X starts at $80,000.

Subsidies typically bring the price of electric vehicles down by $3000-14000 depending upon the country.

China has about half of its EVs in the sub-$10,000 price range. The best-selling China EVs by unit sales are vehicles in the $5000 or less price range. Those vehicles should be in a separate EV vehicle category.

Many EV sales lists also include plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Those vehicles are in a different category than battery electric vehicles.

People always say that competition is coming for Tesla.

Tesla is coming for European electric car makers. Tesla producing cars in Europe will drop the price for buyers in Europe by $10,000 per vehicle. This means the Tesla Model 3 will go from $52,000 down to $41,000 for a starting price. The Tesla Model Y will go from $62,000 to $51,000.

Tesla is coming for competition in the under $20,000 to 40,000 price range. Tesla will be introducing a compact car in the $25,000 price range.

Tesla is coming for large truck and large SUV electric car makers. The Cybertruck and the platform for enabling a CyberSUV will compete with larger personal trucks and large SUVs.

I have taken information from 2021 sales data and matched it with vehicle pricing.

SOURCES – EV Sales Blog, VW, Renault, Tesla, GM
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

10 thoughts on “Tesla Market Share 50+% for EV Price Categories”

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  2. Which exchange rate did you use in your comparison? The official government rate or the Big Mac Index value

  3. Please read my response to that post. Again, do not assume that Tesla is dealing with its better than the cheap car manufacturer. They are are the ones that have a bigger burden already, and already found solutions to deal with it, like being the first not use Cobalt.

  4. You still don't get it.

    Just as Ludus points out, the battery becomes more and more of a financial burden when moving down in the cost brackets. First off, the range does not scale linearly with the car weight because of air resistance. And you cannot make the car much lower nor narrower than a standard car, because it would make it too small to house the human body so you are going to have about the same air resistance for a 25k car compared to the (larger?) 50k car…

    So the battery is definitely not going to be twice as cheap for the 25k EV compared to the 50k EV. Shall we guess at a 25% cost reduction? And this makes the battery relatively more expensive for the 25k car…

    And at this time, only Tesla is likely to be able to pull this off…

  5. Those who buy a 50K car will expect a 50K car.
    Those who buy a 25K car will expect a 25K car.
    Those who buy a 5K car will expect a 5K car.
    Nothing will change, the world will stay the same.

  6. No, because the customer expects roughly the same performance/range at 25k as at 50k. At 5k the customer expects a golf cart.

    Tesla has mastered cars, not golf carts…

  7. Cars don't compete against every model. They compete against comparable models based on ability and features. For example, a model 3 can out accelerate most cars in its price range. There is a price associated with that level of performance.

  8. Not really. Battery costs and efficiency get more important not less as you move down in price. If they’re not competing with Tesla at $45,000 they don’t have a prayer at $25,000.

  9. But they have as much chance as Tesla to capture the $25K market when it comes to fruition where probably the biggest share of income is.

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