ACP100 Small Modular Reactor Starts Construction

Construction officially started July 13 on the ACP100 small modular reactor demonstration project at the Changjiang nuclear power plant on China’s island province of Hainan. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said the project will be the world’s first land-based commercial SMR. The multi-purpose 125 MWe pressurized water reactor (PWR) – also referred to as the Linglong One – is designed for electricity production, heating, steam production or seawater desalination.

Construction time is expected to be 58 months.

Above – First concrete being poured for the basemat of the ACP100 demonstration plant at Changjiang (Image: CNNC)

The Changjiang ACP100 reactor will be capable of producing 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to meet the needs of 526,000 households.

Future plants

Power plants comprising two to six ACP100 reactors are envisaged, with 60-year design operating lifetime and 24-month refuelling.

CNNC signed a second ACP100 agreement with Hengfeng county, Shangrao city in Jiangxi province, and a third with Ningdu county, Ganzhou city in Jiangxi province in July 2013 for another ACP100 project, according to World Nuclear Association. Further inland units are planned in Hunan and possibly Jilin provinces.

In October 2015, NPIC signed an agreement with UK-based Lloyd’s Register to support the development of a floating nuclear power plant using the ACP100S variant of the CNNC design, a marine version of the ACP100. Following approval as part of the 13th Five-Year Plan for innovative energy technologies, CNNC signed an agreement in July 2016 with China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation to prepare for building its ACP100S demonstration floating nuclear plant.

SOURCES – World Nuclear News
Written By Brian Wang,

9 thoughts on “ACP100 Small Modular Reactor Starts Construction”

  1. You make good points. I still think modular molten salt fission plants, walkaway safe, are eventually safe enough and cheap enough if a conglomerate of companies such as a Fluor+Westinghouse+GE were to commit to 4 new plants, 1 per year, improving and iterating until a cookie cutter could be set up anywhere. By the 4th iteration, they could produce baseline energy at $0.06-0.08 kw/h. for 80+ years.

    They would also have to get legislation passed that assured no ecological permitting slowdowns/blackmail. That part may be the hardest problem of all.

  2. Yea and lets see what happens to the three gouges dam. And the tofu buildings and the bridges that keep collapsing. jalwa go back to your masters and tell them you suck at propaganda and your emperor for life needs to train your jerks better.

  3. There are very few new plants in the states because they are thoroughly uneconomical, and no one will contemplate building one without socialism.

    Don't forget, new solar and wind is the cheapest electricity in human history. Lithium-ion batteries are at ~$140/kWH and could bottom out at $20/kWH in another decade or 2. Storage needs to be at ~$10/kWH to beat natural gas plants. The only storage that could hit that mark right now is low tech "thermal batteries".

    I recommend you get over your nuclear fetish, it doesn't look promising.

  4. No one. No one, has better construction or manufacturing techniques than Chinese in 2020s. Come out of the 1970s.

    Also, hundreds of nuclear reactors is not something to be feared.

  5. SMR stands for Small Modular Reactor. SOS as before just another way to bake this nuclear cake. Given the historic shoddy construction techniques that the Chinese use GOOD LUCK with hundreds of these things being built.

  6. As usual, no mention of proposed retail KWe-h cost. Criswell LSP was $.01 before cheap rockets were (almost) avail, btw, for reference. That is for 20-200 TWe, over 160 thousand of these nukes for the smaller amount. Hope they are good for other things than elect, as promised.

  7. This is good news; I hope they succeed. It would be nice if Western governments focused on building new Nuclear plants instead of shutting them down (*cough* *cough* Dems in New York and California, Greens in Germany *cough* *cough*).

    Also, to balance out this announcement, go read the new 5-year plan the CPC just released. It plans to keep using (and even expanding) its massive use of coal. India is doing the same.

    I will give the CPC credit: they are pragmatic enough to realize there is no prosperity without cheap, abundant, reliable energy for the masses. Hopefully, they'll follow the lead of the United States' Midwest and Central areas and convert coal to natural gas while they transition to cleaner energies…

  8. Very positive step for China,at some point in the future they will stop building coal plants, then long after that they will stop building natural gas plants, but the world will be a much warmer place by then.

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