Boeing 777 With Pratt & Whitney Engines Remain Grounded to 2022

Boeing 777 planes with Pratt and Whitney Engines will remain grounded until 2022. There are sixty-nine 777s with the Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines in service and another fifty-nine in storage. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Monday it is continuing to review Boeing 777-200 planes equipped with Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines like the one involved in a United Airlines emergency landing in February in Denver.

More countries are slowly granting approval for the 737 Max to fly and more airlines are ordering Boeing planes again. There are currently 346 737 Max aircraft being operated by 30 carriers globally.

Boeing is now projecting 3,500 737 Max will be sold which is down from more than 4,500 projected to be sold prior to the 737 Max grounding. Two 737 Max crashes killed 346 people and the Max was grounded from March 2019 through November 2020.

Deliveries of the 777X is three years behind schedule.

SOURCES – Forbes, Komo News
Written by Brian Wang,

4 thoughts on “Boeing 777 With Pratt & Whitney Engines Remain Grounded to 2022”

  1. When Boeing made the Max it's obvious that the plane was not certified, just the modification. In the future when a plane model is made the whole plane should be certified from tip to tail. If the safety concerns aren't corrected the slogan will become," If its Boeing I aint going".

  2. The FAA issued a special AD that required thermal acoustic inspection of the fan blades to check for cracks. I don't understand why that should not suffice for inspection. The only determination would be the inspection interval. FAA is becoming gun shy due to MAX debacle. Worst case would be a requirement to replace fan blades at certain time or cycle intervals.

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