Sandy Munro Rants on Stupid and Biased Treatment of Tesla FSD

Sandy Munro is the CEO of Munro Associates. Munro is working with manufacturers on the designs of two large EVs and several three-wheel electric vehicles, as well as several major OEM’s in the legacy auto sector looking to stay competitive in the EV shift. Munro has also secured several long-term defense contracts, and these projects have driven the need for additional talented engineers and the new facility. The company already operates a 47,000 square foot tech center and lab in Auburn Hills. In 2020 and 2021, Munro & Associates achieved record-setting growth, has expanded its team by adding 13 employees (11 engineers and two administrators) and recently purchased another 9,000 square-foot facility in Auburn Hills, Mich. to handle newly secured projects.

Sandy and his company and done detailed breakdowns of the EVs from Ford, Tesla, Volkswagen and is deeply familiar with EVs in China and Asia. Sandy has worked closely with Asian car companies. He has analyzed all of the parts and driven the self-driving and driver-assist systems.

Sandy says:
* Tesla is the best and the leader in self-driving and driver assist
* The China companies are the closest to Tesla in EVs and driver assist
* the US and legacy automakers have crappy self-driving and driver assist.
* Sandy says it is insanely stupid for NHTSA and Congress to go over Tesla for its self-driving. It is the US shooting itself in the foot if they actually slowdown Tesla’s innovation. Combustion engine cars have far more fires than EVs. Self-driving and driver-assist are making and will make cars safer. This is the best way to radically reduce 1.3 million deaths per year from cars.