Full Modular Nuclear Reactor Mockup

A full-scale mock-up of the main vessels of the U-Battery advanced modular reactor (AMR), by U-Battery and Cavendish Nuclear, has demonstrated how the reactor can be built using modular techniques.

The mock-up includes the reactor vessel, the intermediate heat exchanger vessel, and the u-shaped connecting duct, began in February 2020, Threlfall said at an event held at Cavendish Nuclear’s Whetstone facility in Leicestershire yesterday.

U-battery is an advanced small modular reactor that will use proven high-temperature gas cooled reactor technology, using highly accident tolerant TRISO fuel and delivering a scalable output from 10 MW thermal (4 MW electrical) with a footprint of 350 square metres. Each unit is projected to cost about GBP50 million (USD68 million).

The reactor’s high-temperature output of 710°C means it is ideally suited to provide a sustainable source of process heat for difficult-to-decarbonise industrial processes, the company says. Its cogeneration capabilities mean it can provide a locally embedded and reliable source of heat and power, for example at mining sites and in off-grid remote communities. “Sizeable” prospective markets have been identified in the UK and in Canada.

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