Gigatexas Will Scale to Over 1 Million Cars Per Year

Elon Musk and Tesla opened Gigatexas yesterday. Here are some highlights from Elon’s talk and from the Teslacon panels.

* Elon indicated that Gigatexas will scale to over 1 million cars per year
* Cybertruck is pretty much in its final form and will be in production in 2023
* Cybertruck has no door handles. Cameras and software will detect the driver and open when driver and passengers are detected.

* the Roadster and Semi will be in production in 2023 as well
* 2022 is the year of scaling and 2023 will have new products
* Looking at some Teslacon panels. Jordan of the Limiting Factor and Sandy Munro were interviewed. They talked about how great the factory is. The factory has four floors. The top floor for making battery cells and the third floor for packs. They drop finished battery cells down to where they get packed and then dropped another floor down for curing and then finally to the right spot on the assembly line
* the structural battery packs are sleaker and lighter than early prototypes
* Tesla has made improvements to the cooling of the gigacasting machines. This has increased the upper limit on daily gigacastings from 1000 per day to 2000 per day.

There are 3 million pre-orders for Cybertruck. There is room to add more gigacasting machines and more lines. This will enable more production from the same area. There is 11 million square feet of space inside the factory.

Nextbigfuture predicts Texas will make over 1 million Model Y and 1 million Cybertrucks each year.