Legacy German Auto Sales Down 30% but Tesla Up 300%

Here are car sales figures for 2019 to 2022. It shows Tesla had 300% sales growth and legacy auto down an average of about 30% (excluding Tesla being up 300%).

Germany 🇩🇪 Q1.2022 vs Q1.2019 (to ignore the lockdowns)

Audi: -29.9%
BMW: -19.6%
Dacia: -15.8%
Ford: -55.8%
Hyundai: -21.1%
Kia: +0.1%
Mercedes: -25.9%
Opel: -38.5%
Porsche: +34.5%
Renault: -38.9%
Seat: -1.3%
Skoda: -28.2%
Tesla: +300.7% $tsla $tslaq
VW: -31.5%

Overall: -27.25%

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

7 thoughts on “Legacy German Auto Sales Down 30% but Tesla Up 300%”

  1. Jan – Mar 2022 shows that ~87% of cars sold in Norway were electric; Tesla's Y and 3 account for 31% of those sales. Even in 2021 Tesla was actually 11.5% of the Norwegian market – and it looks like they are on track to grow that leadership position by another 10% in 2022…
    As for autonomy, I am not sure what statistics you are citing for your "dead last" claim; it sounds more like a hope or belief than a "fact" – although I am open to having my mind changed.

  2. Tesla is priced as if it sold 90% of worldwide cars when it sells a little more than one percent. In Norway the country with the most EV Tesla only has 10% and this will not go up.
    Tesla does not make pickups or semis or small trucks or have a commercial division,Tesla is dead last in autonomy, their biggest factory is closed with no date for reopening.

  3. German down
    Legacy US down (bye!)
    Japanese up (except for Nissan)
    Tesla up

    Not quite the ICE/EV narrative. Nobody will miss Nissan.

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