Did Twitterbots Hide a Myspace Like Collapse?

Twitter likely has 25% bots and not 5%. There might even be as many as 50% bots. Twitter had reported nearly flat daily active user counts from 2014 to 2022. If there were growing Twitterbots, then fake users and fake activity hid a drop in real users and real activity.

I also cover how Elon Musk can find and prove Twitterbot activity.

7 thoughts on “Did Twitterbots Hide a Myspace Like Collapse?”

  1. Twitter is not about how mant users it has. It’s about how many news outlets quote tweets of famous people. And its about how many decision makers regard certain twitter accounts as valuable sources of information. That makes Twitter unique and valuable, no matter the count of active users…

    • Yeah, but the famous celebrities are on twitter because they think it is fabulously popular and cool.

      If twitter becomes known as another has-been site for people behind the times, the rich, famous and powerful will desert it like rats from a sinking ship.

  2. I took a look at Twitter account matching a number of years ago.
    I believe the number of active human accounts to be less than 1%.

    How to check:
    Take a large, average dataset, eg population of Peoria, IL.
    Go to a 3rd party data provider like InfoGroup or Melissa Data and append contact info with social media accounts.
    You will find Facebook has around a 30% match rate.
    Twitter is less than 5%.
    The vast majority of Twitter sign ups drop the service immediately.
    Match your Twitter user matches to accounts posting in the last 30 days and you get Monthly Active Users.

    In my opinion, Twitter is a social media Ponzi scheme.

  3. Twitter is like LA. In the beginning it was cool. Then everyone moved there and it became crowded, including angry men yelling from every street corner and it’s not cool anymore.
    The cool kids are now on instagram or tik-tok, I guess, I’m not among the cool kids.

    You can however filter what you see, so I think it’s more or less old folks sticking around because it works in replacement of a newspaper, but do not expect any growth

  4. I do not think he wants out of the deal so much as he wants the cost to be MUCH LESS.
    By forcing Twitter to show that there were WAY more bots than they claimed, the advertisers have left and thus destroyed Twitters profitability.
    The stock is/will lower in price.
    Elon got to sell his Tesla stock at near record high stock values and then gets to but Twitter at record low stock prices.
    There is a reason he the richest man in the world!

  5. So Elon’s move is to get out of his acquisition deal by proving this bot activity @ 5X+ the claimed rate and tanking the value of Twitter stock in the process, then picking up the pieces at a much lower price?

  6. Then, most of the bots are direct Twitter’s creation or a directed effect of Twitter’s regulation regarding the bots’ proliferation, for keeping flat the distribution of active users. What a mess!
    Additionally, a lot of users have experienced many more unwanted suggestions, unrelated to their Twitter activity, not so far after the announcement of Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk. Why?

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