Nvidia Generative AI Models for Medical Imaging

Nvidia is working with many companies and research institutions to apply AI to medicine and biotechnology. Nvidia has the Monai Model Zoo (Medical Open Network for AI Imaging models) hosts a collection of medical imaging models in the MONAI Bundle format. MONAI is an open-source project. It is built on top of PyTorch and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. There are 21 models currently available.

AI-assisted colonoscopy (GI Genius by Medtronics with generative AI applications) can reduce by 50% the missed colon cancer cases.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:30 – Today’s AI Advancements
0:04:04 – AI Factory for Medical Imaging
0:12:12 – Fireside Chat with Geoff Martha, CEO of Medtronic
0:18:49 – AI Accelerated Genomics
0:23:31 – Generative AI, Large Language Models, and Biology

There is a new era of biology and medicine with three main areas:
digital biology
lab automation
in silico drug discovery.

3 thoughts on “Nvidia Generative AI Models for Medical Imaging”

  1. This is good, but there is so much lower hanging fruit available. As far as I can tell personalized medicine is being ignored.

    I’ve asked several physicians if they get their patients, particularly younger ones gene sequenced, to see what diseases they are at high risk for. They have all looked at me like I grew a second nose.

    Through Nebula Genomics I’ve been sequenced. Diabetes, and arthritis were correctly predicted, and I have family history. Gallstones, and metastatic prostate cancer are predicted, not yet present, but I do have family history of them.

    Few people know this sort of thing is now available at a reasonable price. I think I paid $85 for sequencing, and a years subscription for analysis based on multifactorial genetic studies.

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone being sequenced by the medical establishment as a screening test for a wide range of disease? Could that be because it’s much more profitable to treat disease, than to avoid it? I suspect it’s all about the business model.

  2. More on the spread of AI, and its effects on society:

    “Welcome to the wild world of Artificial Intelligence. It seems like every day, new and innovative ways of using AI are being discovered, and the possibilities are endless…ly bad. From chat bots to virtual models, AI is changing the way we interact with technology and the world around us… often, for the worse.”



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