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climate changeDecomposition is Slower With Global Warming Which Means Less Future Warming

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Tropical forests store about a third of Earth’s carbon and about two-thirds of its above-ground biomass. Most climate change models predict that as the world warms, all of that biomass will decompose more quickly, which would send a lot more …

climate changeOcean Solutions are key to solving Climate Change

There is a comprehensive and systematic assessment of 13 global- and local-scale, ocean-based measures was performed to help steer the development and implementation of technologies and actions toward a sustainable outcome. Iron Fertilization and growth of large kelp farms are …

geoengineeringGeoengineering and Coral Farming are now being tested to save World’s Coral

In 2016 and 2017, marine heat waves killed half of the corals in the Great Barrier reef. It takes ten years for the coral to recover. John Veron is the world’s top coral reef expert. Between a quarter and a …

environmentPotential global warming solution with rapid magnesite creation

Scientists have found a rapid way of producing magnesite, a mineral which stores carbon dioxide. If this can be developed to an industrial scale then it can help offset global warming. A tonne of naturally-occurring magnesite can remove around half …

environmentGlobal warming resistant corals will be tested in the ocean by 2019

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New super global warming resistant corals could be tested on the Great Barrier Reef within a year as part of a global research effort to accelerate evolution and save the “rainforests of the seas” from extinction. Researchers are getting promising …

existential riskParody of Atlas robot testing

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Auralnauts has a clip on YouTube. It has an imagined voice over conversation. It has a chat between Boston Dynamics employees testing the robot who are abusing the robot. The AI-powered machine decides to fight back against bullying.

climate changeRisks of more Saudi Arabia and Iran conflicts and risks of a splintered Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has become the focus of a lot of potential bad scenarios. Hot and cold war conflicts with Iran could get worse. Saudi Arabia could splinter. Executions in Saudi Arabia was – Saudi Arabia saying, ‘The gloves are off,'” …

climate changeThe Simpsons Springfield will get transformed into the Elon Musk version of the future

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This Sunday, Musk, the head honcho at Tesla Motors and SpaceX, will enjoy the rare experience of watching himself in a Simpsons episode called “The Musk Who Fell to Earth.” The episode was inspired by a meeting Musk had with …

cementReports of India’s emergence as a great power are bogus

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The National Interest had an article by Rajan Menon called the Indian Myth. The India Myth is that the ubiquitous reports of India’s emergence as a great power are bogus. The road is long, the advance slow and the arrival …

air pollutionCountries need to plagiarize, pirate and mimic the best practices in energy and efficiency

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If China and the USA each adopted a ‘best of the two’ practice in electricity production, industry, buildings and transport they would reap huge benefits. If they did this, in relative terms, China could reduce emissions from its current policy …