August 06, 2010

Taiwan Considers Adding Ten Nuclear Reactors to Reduce Coal Usage and Germany Looks to Extend Nuclear to 2042

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1. Taiwan Power Co., the island's biggest electricity producer and monopoly grid operator, is considering adding as many as 10 reactors to existing nuclear power plants to cut its reliance on coal and gas.

The utility's grid has the capacity to accommodate two additional reactors at its No. 2 nuclear power station, Vice President Hsu Hwai-chiung said in an interview in Taipei county yesterday, without giving a timeline. The company's No. 3 and No. 4 nuclear plants also have space for new units, he said.

The island has three nuclear stations in operation and one under construction. Without adding reactors, Taiwan Power, known as Taipower, will need to build new coal-fired or natural gas-fueled power plants to meet rising demand for electricity, according to Hsu. Atomic reactors accounted for 13 percent of Taiwan's electricity generation capacity in June, compared with coal-fired generators at 29 percent and gas units at 37 percent

2. Germany needs its nuclear reactors until 2042

Germany must keep its nuclear power plants operating for two decades beyond a planned phase-out in 2022 to buy time for developing substitute renewable energy sources, a lawmaker in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party said.

Merkel’s Christian Democrats are pushing for the 20-year extension as she prepares to announce a nuclear revival strategy in September, Michael Fuchs, the CDU’s deputy leader in parliament, said yesterday in an interview.

3. Argentina's Embalse nuclear power plant is to get a refit to extend its life by another 25 years as well as a brand new full-scope simulator.

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