Indian President Kalam wants two thirds of nuclear fuel from Thorium

India is targeting 24 GW on nuclear power by 2020 and 50 GW by 2030. Two thirds of the nuclear fuel should be thorium. As per the present plan of the Bhabha Atomic Research Corporation (BARC) and the Nuclear Power Corporation, the capacity by 2020 is expected to be increased to 24,000 MW. ‘There is a need to plan right from now to increase this capacity to 50,000 MW by 2030,’ said Indian President Kalam.

In a presentation to the large gathering of technocrats, innovators, industrialists and overseas delegates, Kalam said, ‘Implementation of the advanced heavy water reactor (AHWR) project and development of associated fuel cycle facilities will provide industrial scale experience into the handling of thorium.’

The AHWR is to derive two-thirds of its power from thorium and one-third from plutonium generated from fast breeder reactor (FBR).

India seems like a place that is pro-nuclear and pro-Thorium and one of the best candidates to eventually transition to molten salt Thorium reactors.

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