Dwave’s Quantum computer Presentation from SC07

Dwave systems CTO Geordie Rose has published his slides from the SC07 conference, where he demonstrated there latest 28 qubit system.

Dwave system is a web services QUBO solver

Dwave to a computer scientist. QUBO is NP-hard. the decision version is NP complete

Real physical systems

dwave device schematic: nobium cjj rs-squid flux qubit

Dwave approach to AQC

dwave superconducting chip: bipolar couplers

dwave potential energy of Adiabatic quantum computer can be programmed by user

Device physics : the hamiltonian

Qubit manipulation: modulate the barrier height

Qubit manipulation: tilt the double well

Readout bias: direction of the current

Dwave picture of the chip: readout section

dwave device schematic: symmetric bipolar coupler

The Dwave AQC implements both the AQC model and the quantum annealing model.

adiabatic quantum computation model

Quantum annealing model

Dwave implementing part of the image matching as AQC, part is a regular computer program.

The steps to run an adiabatic quantum computer

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