Energetics Technologies and Other New Cold Fusion Research Will Be on CBS 60 Minutes April 19, 2009

One of three segments on 60 Minutes will be on cold fusion.

COLD FUSION IS HOT AGAIN – Presented in 1989 as a revolutionary new source of energy, cold fusion was quickly dismissed as junk science. But today, the buzz among scientists is that these experiments produce a real physical effect that could lead to monumental breakthroughs in energy production. Scott Pelley reports. Denise Schrier Cetta is the producer.

This site had videos of the American Chemical Society press conferences on Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

Pamela Mosier-Boss and colleagues at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California, are claiming to have made a “significant” discovery – clear evidence of the products of cold fusion. Tracks of energetic Neutrons are being detected.

One of the most important new research was done in Japan by Arata where heat was produced without adding electricity but just loading deuterium into metal powder.

Energetics Technologies LLC and its superwave fusion process will be one of the groups featured on the next 60 Minutes.

Energetics Technologies’ proprietary SuperWave Fusion has already demonstrated the production of extraordinary amounts of excess heat. The SuperWave driven cells have generated OVER 25 times (2,500%) the amount of energy that was used to operate the system.

At the present time, using the approaches described above, and thanks in large part to these unique relationships, Energetics Technologies is able to produce excess heat in a significant percentage of the experiments. Extraordinary breakthroughs have been accomplished, backed by tested reproducibility through the multiple independent channels of SRI, and ENEA. With proof of principle, it is now time to accelerate the work, leading to the commercialization of this promising technology.

The Promise of SuperWave™ Fusion / Dr. Irving Dardik

Is it Cold Fusion? / Dr. Irving Dardik [the fusion is motion]

New Energy Times is all over the 60 Minutes feature.

CBS asked Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research at the University of Missouri and an expert in low-temperature physics, to look into the LENR research. Duncan was referred to CBS by Allen Goldman, the head of the condensed matter physics group at the American Physical Society.

Duncan spent several weeks (on his own time) investigating LENR in October. CBS paid his travel expenses to meet with researchers at Energetics’ laboratory in Omer, Israel, and observe a working LENR excess-heat experiment. Duncan emphasized to New Energy Times his objectivity of and independence from the research.

“‘60 Minutes’ asked the American Physical Society for a reference for someone like myself who’s done very careful measurements in related fields but not specifically in LENR,” Duncan said. “I’ve never been involved in any ‘cold fusion’ research in the past, nor am I involved in any now.”

Duncan also met with researchers at NRL in Washington, D.C., and the SPAWAR researchers when they were in Salt Lake City at the American Chemical Society meeting in March.

He was skeptical of the LENR excess heat before his investigation. New Energy Times spoke with Duncan today.

“Sam Hornblower of CBS asked me to read some papers and talk to some of the scientists, and it quickly became clear to me that it was a very interesting result. After I saw some of the hardware, I had a chance to ask about the experimental configurations and dig in deeper, and now I am convinced that this excess-heat effect is real.”

Duncan was particularly impressed with the SPAWAR research because of its clear evidence for nuclear reactions.