Raser Technologies Announcing Plug In Hybrid SUV

Raser Technologies is announcing an plug in hybrid electric SUV that can get up to 100mpg in city driving with recharges every 40 miles.

It will use a 200 kw Symetron Electric drive and a 100kw Symetron generator. The vehicle is propelled by a 200 kW Symetron Enhanced AC induction motor and drive system designed by Raser Technologies. It is one of the most powerful electric motor offered in a passenger vehicle today. The traction motor will also provide regenerative braking to help recharge the batteries and slow the vehicle. The high power Symetron Controller drives the motor at maximum efficiency using proprietary control algorithms. All vehicle systems are managed by the hybrid master controller.

They have several flyers that describe the technology.

Raser Technologies is targeting the new symetron motors to make better forklifts and for many military and industrial applications.

Symetron Engine Claims

The Symetron enhanced AC induction motor produces over 4x the peak torque and 37% more continuous torque than the series wound DC motor. These significant improvements in motor performance produce key benefits of quicker speeds, better acceleration and a faster, smoother response in directional change, for example, when changing from forward to reverse and vice versa. Symetron technology means high performance, high productivity.

An AC induction motor has fewer parts than a DC motor, such as brushes and commutators, which allows for a smaller, more efficient motor size. A Symetron enhanced AC induction motor helps optimize forklift design requirements and reduce motor costs and maintenance.

DC batteries lose power over time, requiring periodic recharging. AC motors reduce mechanical “down-time” by regenerating battery power, capturing energy through braking, coasting and constant directional change. Symetron enhanced AC motor technology increases motor output and its efficient ability to regenerate power.

* Up To 3x More Torque
* Up to 50% Smaller Motor
* Greater Efficiency
* Quiet, Clean, Inexpensive Energy
* High Performance, High Productivity