Set Tasers on Wide Area Stun

The TASER company and the military are working together on the TASER Shockwave that combines a lot of TASER stun devices together for riot control and other purposes.

Multiple TASER Shockwave units can be stacked together either horizontally in order to extend area coverage, or vertically to allow multiple salvo engagements; or daisy chained together to maximize either area coverage or cartridge pattern density. These features provide the capability to project Area Denial from a secure location.

The TASER Shockwave system minimizes risk as the system can be activated with the push of a button on the Control Box at a safe stand-off disttance of up to 100 meters. The TASER Shockwave unit deploys its cartridges up to 25-feet, to instantaneously incapacitate multiple personnel within the field of deployment coverage.

The Taser shockwave can be mounted on a vehicle. Look at the front bumper of this truck.

There are a variety of accessories and mounting options.

They are also working on the shotgun TASER.