Huffington Post Tries to Make a Big Deal out of Baby Chickens Becoming Chicken Nuggets

The Huffington Post tries to make a big deal out of baby chicks being ground up and turned into chicken nuggets

As it turns out, about half of all of the baby chicks born in the United States are male. This number is estimated at 200 million male baby chicks per year. Male chicks do not serve a commercial purpose because they don’t lay eggs and they can’t be fattened quickly enough to turn them into meat that can be sold (for hens it’s only 43 days from birth to full growth and slaughter).

I am not disturbed. Top of the food chain and loving it.

The world consumes over 200 million tons of meat

93 million tons of poultry in 2008
101 million tons of pork in 2008 (a slight drop from 2007)
67 million tons of beef in 2008
130+ million tons of fish

We eat a lot of meat. Meat was living animals. This is not surprising.

The Baby Animal Aspect

Eggs ==> to embros ==> to baby birds ==> to full grown
all different kinds of tasty birds.

Baby cows are called veal.
Baby pigs are suckling pig.
Special names so you can pay more for a more tender kind of meat.

When I lived in Manila for a few months- I was always woken up at the crack of dawn by vendors yelling Balut. Balut is a traditional and popular Filipino dish.

A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines.

What was being eaten did not bother me. It was being woken up at dawn that was annoying.

Balut and Balut variants are commonly eaten in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and parts of China.

Chicken Nuggets and Meat Slurry

I have written about invitro meat and chicken nuggets before.

A McDonalds chicken nugget is only about 50% meat and 50% corn.
A substantial part of the meat is from meat slurry.

A chicken nugget is generally a breaded or battered piece of minced pre-cooked chicken, which may be fried or baked in preparation for eating.

Meat slurry (not just baby chicks but other ground up rendered meat)

A meat slurry, reconstituted meat, or emulsified meat is a liquefied meat product that contains fewer fats, pigments and less myoglobin than unprocessed dark meats. Meat slurry also eases the process of meat distribution and is more malleable than dark meats.

Meat slurry is not designed to sell for general consumption; rather, it is used as a meat supplement in food products for humans, such as chicken nuggets, and food for domestic animals.

The meat is first finely ground and mixed with water. The mixture is then used in a centrifuge or with an emulsifier to separate the fats and myoglobin from the muscle. The product is then allowed to settle into three layers: meat, excess water, and fat.

The remaining liquefied meat is then flash-frozen and packaged.

The Live Aspect

Lobster is cooked live. Some Oysters are eaten live.

Taiwan’s Snake Alley has the butchering of snakes and turtles.

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  1. That’s pretty remorseless. You know what the meat industry is doing to the environment and don’t care. You don’t even care bout the moral implications of sending sentient creatures down the slaughtering conveyor belt in terror. You are also rumored to be a racist I heard. Look, you need to learn to be a better human being and not a heartless elitist.

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