Applied Materials Claims Game Changing Flowable Chemical Vapor Deposition for 256 Gigabyte 3D NAND Flash Chips at 20 Nanometer Lithography

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Applied Materials, Inc. today announced its breakthrough Applied Producer(R) Eterna(TM) FCVD(TM) (Flowable CVD(1)) system, the first and only film deposition technology capable of electrically isolating the densely-packed transistors in 20nm-and-below memory and logic chip designs with a high-quality dielectric film. The system will enable NAND skyscraper (3d NAND memory) wafers with 256 gigabyte NAND flash chips. It will also enable the creation of complex finfet transistors which are needed for faster and lower power chips. It will also enable DRaM 4F2 8 gigabit DDR4.

The gaps between these transistors can have aspect ratios of more than 30:1 — five times higher than current requirements — and highly-complex profiles. The Eterna FCVD system’s unique process completely fills these gaps from the bottom up, delivering a dense, carbon-free dielectric film at up to half the cost of spin-on deposition methods — which require more equipment and many additional process steps.

“The need to fill smaller and deeper structures in advanced chip designs creates a physical roadblock for existing deposition technologies. Applied has broken through this barrier today with the introduction of its new Eterna FCVD system — delivering the disruptive technology that can enable the continued progress of Moore’s Law,” said Bill McClintock, vice president and general manager of Applied’s DSM/ CMP(2) Business Unit. “With the Eterna FCVD system, Applied continues its decade-long leadership in gap-fill technology, providing a unique, simplified and cost-effective solution for customers to meet the challenges of multiple new chip generations.”

Applied’s proprietary Eterna FCVD process delivers a liquid-like film that flows freely into virtually any structure shape to provide a bottom up, void-free fill. The Eterna FCVD system is installed at six customer sites for DRAM, Flash and Logic applications, where it is integrated on Applied’s benchmark Producer platform.

Applied Materials has a page on their new technology.

* It allow for planarized cap
* They can create 100 angstrom (10 nanometer) thick film without defects

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