Carnival of Space 208

Carnival of Space 208 is up at ZME Science

Weird warp – The farthest and largest Amount of water has been found in a quasar in the form of vapour. The quasar is one of the most powerful objects in the universe with energy output of 1000 trillion suns. The power of the quasar comes from matter that spirals into the centre where there is a supermassive black hole 20 billion times the mass of our sun.

Discovery News – Radio astronomers have longed for a telescope with a full square kilometer of collecting area. (That’s 247 acres!) Now, as it comes closer to reality, they are trying to decide where to put it. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project is an international collaboration with the ambitious goal of building the largest, most sensitive radio telescope by the mid-2020’s.

The SKA is proposed to be an array of thousands of dishes located in either South Africa or Australia, as imagined above. Both countries have poured resources into the project with the hope of being selected as the host country.

Russias RadioAstron space telescope is in space now. It has a resolution of 7 microarcseconds. That’s thousands of times better than the Hubble Space Telescope, which has a peak resolution between 0.05 and 0.1 arcseconds.

In 2020s, Radio telescope astronomers will have the square kilometer array, China’s 500 meter super Aricebo type scope and the Russian RadioAstron all connected.

The technological world of the 2020’s will have much of the 17 technologies that I have listed in my updated mundane singularity article. 30% of the new commercial buildings of the world of 2020 could be built using Broad Groups factory built skyscraper method.

1. Pro-growth Policies
2. Energy Efficiency – superconductors, thermoelectrics, improved grid
3. Energy Revolution – Mass produced fission, fusion, and maybe cold fusion
4. Additive manufacturing
5. Not so mundane – neuromorphic chips, quantum computers, photonics
6. Automated transportation (leading to robotic cars and planes)
7. Urbanization MegaCities
8. Urbanization Broad Group skyscrapers, Tata flat packed buildings
9. Robotics
10. Hyperbroadband
11. Sensors everywhere
12. Supermaterials
13. Improve medicine and public health
14. Space
15. Synthetic biology and recombineering
16. Education transformed and accelerated innovation
17. Supersmartphones, exoskeletons and wearable systems

Nextbigfuture also covered the proposal for the structureless space telescope

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